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Best Practice: Server- and Networksolutions for CATDV

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Leonid Nekrasov
Best Practice: Server- and Networksolutions for CATDV
on Nov 26, 2009 at 9:13:12 am

Hallo altogether,

we are just planning to purchase one of the CatDV's network solutions. Because we a starting from the very beginning, I would like to know what experience with different servers and hardware some of you have already made. What is the best and cost effective server solution to run CatDV. I know, that it actually depends on workflow which is always different. But maybe you can share some tips with me.

our Set-Up:

- 5 Final Cut Pro editplaces (MacBook, 2x3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 4GB DDR2)
- 8 Windows PC's for research in Internet or/and in Database (CatDV!)
- LAN 1Gb Network
- we produce for online (Web-TV) only
- the video format is DV or HDV

I can off course specify my question. Just tell me what additional information do you need.

Thanks a lot und best regards from Berlin.


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bryson jones
Re: Best Practice: Server- and Networksolutions for CATDV
on Nov 29, 2009 at 2:59:50 am

Hey there, this is Bryson Jones, you caught me on the US vacation, (Thanksgiving) but I wanted to offer some ideas of what we've done in the past on some of our integrations.

One of the better things about CatDV is that it's pretty light as far as what hardware you need to run the server on.

Also since catalogs are normally created by a user/editor who's likely connected to the main storage/SAN, you don't even have to have the server connected to the SAN. (although in most facilities we do).

What I'm saying, in a long winded way, is that a Mac Mini is a perfectly passable server for CatDV's MySQL backend and will handle proxy serving for 10 users easily, depending on your proxy format, of course.

I have 5 users on a reality TV show for the SciFi Channel running off of an iMac as their server with a firewire drive as the proxy storage. I'll probably take this to 10 users before I even think of upgrading the machine.

That said, we tend to allocate a Mac Pro or G5 as the server just because we tend to use it connected to the main storage so that CatDV Worker can perform file moves and transcodes and it's often the backup server as well in mid-sized shops. The heavier your transcoding and proxy creation needs, the stronger the hardware needs to be.

So there you go... a long way to say... your choice. ;) The flexibility and adaptability of CatDV will make changes easier than a lot of systems, if you need to make them later so it's hard to go wrong.

One final note, as always, find a good integrator.


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Leonid Nekrasov
Re: Best Practice: Server- and Networksolutions for CATDV
on Dec 3, 2009 at 10:48:11 am

Hi Bryson,

thanks a lot for a quick reply!

Ho do you edit: lokal or on server?
What Server do you use and why: the workgroup or enterprise server?


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Matthew Stamos
Re: Best Practice: Server- and Networksolutions for CATDV
on Dec 6, 2009 at 6:19:21 pm

Hey this is Matt with the US distributor thought I would chime in here and give you some details.

There are a number of differences between Work Group and Enterprise and ultimately it comes down to work flow!

Here is a link to a product matrix that will breakdown the differences in more detail.

Both Server products offer the ease and power of CatDV core features found here

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