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Chuck Johnson
Transition to CatDV
on Jan 4, 2012 at 10:57:53 pm

Hi All,

Again want to "fish" in the collective pond for some advice here...

So, assume one has thousands of clips on a XSan and these clips are organized in folders. Each folder represents a project. In addition to camera original clips there are transcoded video clips, stills, audio, graphic animations, etc. for each project.

So CatDV enters the picture (pun intended) with three major goals:
1. Visual tool to review and log file-based video

2. Offers a low-res proxy for reviewing footage no longer on the XSan.

3. Offers a way for remote reviewers to see the proxy clips via the web client.

Now for the "best practices"...

Realizing that one can just drag each folder over to CatDV for analysis and cataloging - is there a better way to prep the folders/media assets so it is easier to deal with the proxy files later?

Maybe I have this wrong but seems like dragging each folder over to CatDV sounds easy but pointing where the proxy files (for each folder) are sounds like a lot of work. What I mean by that is yes, there are the raw video clips within each folder but where will all the proxy files go?

Assume one has an network attached storage drive and one wants to place the proxy files there. I go to Media-Manage Proxy Movies and tell it where I want my proxy files to go - I just fill out the top field - Original location which is the root folder of the network attached storage.

So I drag a folder of files from the XSan to CatDV. When completed, I can click on Media/Build Proxy Movies and the proxy files go to the root folder of the NAS.

So when I drag another folder to CatDV from the XSan, it goes through the cataloging and then I click on Build Proxy Movies again. So is it ok that all of these proxy movies are on the root folder of the NAS?

And, if I run out of room on that NAS I think I understand I will need to go back to manage proxy movies and click on settings/media search paths. There I click on the + button under path-based proxies; and designate the path where the original proxy files are on the NAS and where the additional proxy files will be as well? Is this how this works?

Then, if I want to use web proxies, what do I have to do to connect the web proxies to the proxy files on the NAS?

Sorry to be so long-winded; just want to have this straight and documented.



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bryson jones
Re: Transition to CatDV
on Jan 5, 2012 at 9:16:44 pm

CatDV creates the proxy files and puts them into the correct folders for you. That is not a manual process.

Set your proxy path in the second, lower selection area of the "Media Search Paths" dialog box and that should put things in the equivalent paths, meaning /Volumes/Drive_Name_etc... If not, something is set up incorrectly.

As to when your NAS fills up... You either copy those files onto a new NAS share named the same thing. (a-ha!) or... add another proxy path in the Search Path and it'll just use 2 proxy shares. No need to delete proxy in this day and age. Again, because CatDV is path based, it doesn't know the difference between our old 500GB proxy drive named "catdv-proxy" and our new huge 3TB proxy drive also named "catdv-proxy" so file copies and drive swaps are super easy.

Good luck out there.


bryson "at"

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