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Problem with the new catdv command line interface

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Leonid Nekrasov
Problem with the new catdv command line interface
on Oct 25, 2011 at 10:39:45 am


I have installed the new Worker 4.0.3 and the CatDV Server 6.6b7. When I try to use catdv command line interface (catdv -query NM1=test - catalog test…) in Worker I became the Failure: "Too many users sharing same client license, license allows max 1". The Server Monitor became teminated.

I have purchased one Worker License.

Another Issue with the new command line interface is: when I use it in my Worker I became a wrong permission failure "You don't have permission to edit this catalog". I have an extra user for worker, that has all permissions. I made him to create his own cataloges. But after I edited them with the normal user, the command line cannot do any changes because of the wrong permissions. I couldn't find anywhere a command to use the command line with a specific user like in mysql: "mysql -uroot -p"

Does anybody have a solution or an idea, what I could do about it?

Thanks and Regards

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Problem with the new catdv command line interface
on Oct 25, 2011 at 11:58:59 am

Are you using the command line on the same machine that the Worker is on? If so that should be ok. (If you're using it on a different machine you'd need an extra license.)

The command line tool automatically picks up the server IP address, license details, and catdv user name/password from the worker configuration, ie. it will run using whatever user the worker runs as.

In normal use you give the worker user full access to the whole database, on the assumption that you're controlling the scripts and therefore the worker user is "trusted". Although you can use the Administrator user for this, it's good practice to create different users with the appropriate permissions for different tasks:

Administrator - used for initial set up and troubleshooting only

Named users - create a separate named user account for each person accessing the system. If appropriate, give them admin permissions. Each person should log in using their own user account, not as Administrator.

Worker - create a separate worker user and give that full access to read and write any catalog, but don't give that account admin privileges as it doesn't need to edit user permissions, only catalogs.

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Leonid Nekrasov
Re: Problem with the new catdv command line interface
on Oct 28, 2011 at 7:59:16 am

Hi Rolf,

thank you. After Upgrade of the CatDV Server an the Worker the roles and the permissions have changed. That caused the wrong permission failure.

After setting up new roles and users, no problems occurred anymore. The new Worker seams to work slightly and has many new great features.

Great job. Thank you.

Regards, Leonid

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