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Davinci Resolve OpenFX Not Working

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Brent Austin
Davinci Resolve OpenFX Not Working
on Mar 11, 2019 at 5:11:17 am

I am very new to Davinci Resolve, but I have been editing in Sony Vegas Pro and Premiere for the last 5 years.
As an effect should, I expect it to show up accurately on the window preview/ display. Instead, I get a very buggy and pixelated mess that shows up specifically on an image overlay (I have my signature with a transparent background as an image on the timeline). Nothing is behind the overlay, just the black stock background in Resolve. Along with that, text overtop my overlay does not open in the color tab and only displays my overlay as if I selected that layer instead. My overlay also seems to be very pixelated with or without any openFX on it. As I enlarge the text, it becomes less pixelated. Maybe it's my monitor, but as I scroll in to get a better look, it seems to get much softer around the edges like the resolution suddenly became twice as good. When I render out this specific composition with the 2 assets: the text and the overlay, it appears pixelated. This is a problem.
When I have the blade tool selected and hover over the overlay with the transparent bg, the overlay on the preview/ display suddenly appears much more buggy and has a major color cast from an applied color node in the color tab panel. This is the same with the openFX as well (when I hover over the overlay on my timeline with the blade tool, openFX effects show up but appear only when in hover. When I click away with my selection tool it goes away). Another issues I have found is that my layers randomly locked all clips into place at one point without my input. I later turned off the lock, but I'm wondering if that had something to do with the auto layer feature (I turned that mess of a feature off as well). Any help would be much appreciated! I made the switch to Resolve because at the time it seemed to be much less buggy than Premiere and supported BRAW as well as using useful metadata straight from my Black Magic camera. At this time, I am not yet convinced it is better in terms of bugs. It seems as though there are many bugs and problems that have yet to be addressed.

D I S A B L E R E S A M P L E . . .

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Marc Wielage
Re: Davinci Resolve OpenFX Not Working
on Mar 11, 2019 at 6:14:48 am

This does not sound like an OFX problem per se.

This sound like you're trying to do a composite with a signature on Track 2 and another image on Track 1. Is that correct?

If so, is this a premultiplied image? How are your composite controls set in the inspector? A lot of this is covered in the manual, Chapter 33 "Compositing and Transforms in the Timeline," starting on page 601. If you're new to Resolve, go through the entire manual and check out all the various modes and it'll all start to come together after awhile.

OFX modes in the Edit page are mainly for transitions, and then there are other kinds of OFX features available in the Color page for enhancing images, creating flares, softening skin tone, and so on. Two different things.

BTW, post all your hardware specs and what kind of source material you're using. This will help troubleshoot the problem.

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