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Multicam Question

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David Schamis
Multicam Question
on Oct 19, 2018 at 3:27:46 pm

I am thinking hard about moving from Premiere Pro to Resolve and I have stumbled on a problem that I can't figure out.

I do a lot of kids sports where I will have a main camera with the game and then I point a secondary camera at the scoreboard - then I clip the scoreboard into the bottom right corner of the video - I use timecode to sync the two videos.

Here is an example:

This is really easy on Prem Pro - you slap them both on the timeline and then right-click 'synchronize'.

On Resolve its a bit more complicated but I think I'm 90% of the way there.

You create a Multicam clip from the two clips (sync'd by timecode), then open the newly created Multicam clip in a new timeline and edit as necessary (I will typically crop, scale and reposition the scoreboard over the main camera). This seems to work fine and it looks perfect in the clip timeline. But then when I try to put the newly edited multicam clip back into the main timeline, only one camera shows up. I literally have a big black screen with a tiny scoreboard in the corner.

As usual I'm sure the answer is easy. One idea I've had this morning (I'm at work so I can't try it out until later) is instead of just using two clips for the multicam I use all 6 (in this case its a hockey game so there are 3 periods x 2 cameras) - it will make one big clip out of it and hopefully laid out according to the timecode. Then I can just use the newly created clip timeline as the main project timeline and add anything else I need to it directly. I'm not sure that this will work and it certainly seems like a work-around rather than an intended workflow.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

David Schamis
Sands Point, NY

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: Multicam Question
on Oct 20, 2018 at 9:04:15 pm

I might be missing something. Are you saying in Premiere you are making a multicam clip, and showing both clips at once on the final timeline? Typically i think of multicam as having both clips at your disposal, but only seeing one at a time in the final timeline. (I don't work in Premiere, so i might be missing something here)

Could you simply lay the two shots out on a continuous timeline, on top of each other, and do all your editing with ripple turned on so your edits affect both video tracks at once.
Once done, add your crop effect to the scoreboard shots and output.

for a multicam approach, you might want to multicam the clips, dont do any cropping or anything yet, just do your edit looking at the main camera. When that is done, duplicate the clips, move them up one track, and set everything on that track to be the scoreboard camera. Then, when you are happy with the main camera edit, you simply add your crop/resize effect to the video on track two, and render out the movie.


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David Schamis
Re: Multicam Question
on Oct 22, 2018 at 7:42:38 pm


What do describe in your 2nd paragraph is exactly what I want to do and exactly what I do in Prem Pro. The problem in DR (or at least the thing I can't figure out) is once you drop the second clip on top of the first there is no way to easily sync the two clips w/ timecode. In Prem Pro you can right click on the two clips and hit "synchronize' .

I'm hoping you say "yes there is" and I'm missing something really easy here.

Thanks for the response.


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Duke Sweden
Re: Multicam Question
on Oct 23, 2018 at 8:49:49 am

This may not work but you could give it a shot in the meantime. In the scoreboard clip, which I imagine you put on top of the main action clip, try using an alpha channel on it. It could be the black is coming from that clip since the black area is not transparent. Do you know how to use alpha channels in Resolve? There are plenty of tutorials. I don't think you need to use the Fusion way of doing it.

If I remember correctly off hand, right click in the area where the nodes are and choose "Add Alpha Channel". Then connect the blue square from the node to the blue square that you just created, which is under the green square.

Hope that works for ya!

Dell XPS 8920
Intel i7 core 7700 build
GeForce GTX 1050ti
32 Gigs of RAM
3 7200 RPM SATA Drives
Windows 10 64-bit
DaVinci Resolve 15.1

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David Schamis
Re: Multicam Question
on Oct 23, 2018 at 4:28:39 pm

I think I've figured out how to do this - not sure its the best way but it certainly works.

First I create my main timeline but don't put anything in it.

Then I take all 6 clips ((main camera + scoreboard) * 3 periods) and make a multicam clip out of them and sync with timecode. Then I open the newly created multicam clip in the timeline - I set everything up in there the way I want it (crop/scale/position the scoreboard, etc.) and then copy and paste the entire multicam clip timeline into the main timeline. That seems to work.

I really wish that DR would just give us a 'sync' command like Prem Pro has so I can do this all in the main timeline, but this is a reasonably easy workaround. My guess is that either: (a) they will add this soon, or (b) it already exists and I just haven't stumbled over how to do it yet.

Does that methodology make sense?

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