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Trim new area on a clip already on timeline

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Alex Gat
Trim new area on a clip already on timeline
on Jun 10, 2018 at 8:48:34 am

I was meant to ask this for ages since I am doing this all the time. I'll try to explain.

I have a clip (input/output set) on the timeline with a bunch of other clips all around.
After a while I realize that I need to reset the IO of the clip further away (or before) in the clip (sometimes like minutes away).
So far this is what I do :
First I double click on the clip in the timeline so that it opens up in the clip window and I search the new area of interest with the playhead, manually.
That's fine so far.
Once I found the new area I am interested with, I obviously want to reset the IO around the area where my playhead is.
And here is where I struggle :
- if I reset the I and O with the I and O keys, the clip changes place on the timeline and if not isolated on a single track it overwrites existing material. So I create a new track, slide the clip upon, reset the IO, zoom out go fetch the clip gone further away (or before), move it again back at where it was and reset my zoom. While this work, I feel this is not ideal.
- if I decided instead to use the trim tool, I slide on the clip so that the range between the IO points comes close to the area I am interest in (looking at the clip window). That is usually what I do but sometime when the new area is minutes away, I found myself, sliding and sliding again and again across the width of my screen in need sometime of zooming out to increase the shift, I feel this is not ideal too.
Of course instead of doing this I could :
right clip on the clip in the time line, find it in the media pool, then look there for area of interest and set the IO points without interfering with my clip which will then just need to be overwritten. Yes that would work, but that is "when I thing about right-clicking instead of double clicking" and also, this requires me to adjust the range of my clip to fit the same range as before, meaning I seems quicker but might also presents some disadvantages, not taking about the fact that I might have change my media pool source on the left inside.

My question : Is there not a function that could simply nudge the IO range of the clip around where my playhead is ?

I hope I have been clear. Sorry for the long post, but this was tickling me for some time. Let me know. Thanks.

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