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UHD footage > 1080p out put. Video monitoring/Timeline settings?

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Rhys Sherring
UHD footage > 1080p out put. Video monitoring/Timeline settings?
on Nov 8, 2017 at 1:09:40 pm

So I've been given a short film to colour grade, and I'm about to take the leap into learning as much as possible in davinci resolve. I'm quite excited! But am conscious of the steep learning curve. Have been watching many Vimeo/YouTube videos and reading various articles.

So far I've learnt about setting up the project settings first and foremost. I'm just wondering; I'm working with UHD files, so 3840 x 2160, from a Premiere XML, but will only be outputting a 1080p. Should my timeline res & video monitoring settings, in this case, opt for 1080 since I'm not outputting 4k? Will doing so still source all of the data from the UHD files and not a 1080 condensed version of them? A main reason for this question is to try and keep down my processing power for more efficiency, so I'm using UHD data but only playing back at 1080 in my program monitor, since that's what's going to be exported anyway. Camears used were sony a7s ii; not using slog2, i believe.

My current system:
i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
Nvid GTX 960 2GB vRAM

I also plan to bring it all back into Premiere to throw in the sound guy's audio track, and superimposed titles over various shots + end credits. Although, I guess all of this can be done in DaVinci as well? Just that all of the superimposed titles are already written and perfectly placed in the premiere timeline. I tried exporting the titles along as an alpha on transparent backgrounds, but did not succeed.

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Glenn Sakatch
Re: UHD footage > 1080p out put. Video monitoring/Timeline settings?
on Nov 8, 2017 at 2:50:26 pm

Set your project settings and timeline settings to 1080. There isn't much need to "work" at 4k, unless you come across some shot that you are trying to pull a secondary on, and it just isn't working at HD. Even then you may find no difference switching to 4k.

In either event, you will also need to setup your scaling settings. This will ensure you are not doing a center cut of the 4k footage. You probably want to force the entire picture to fit the frame. Your other option would be to fit to frame with a crop, which may or may not zoom the footage in slightly to eliminate the letterbox, depending on your source footage.

Once color is done, output your program with a 1080 raster setting in the delivery tab. If you do decide you want an UHD output instead, they you need to go back to the project and timeline settings and adjust them to UHD before you output a UHD in the delivery tab. If the project is still set to 1080, and your output is set to UHD, then resolve will upconvert the hd version to UHD, rather than just using UHD from start to finish.

The wonderful thing about Resolve is its ability to simply use math and calculate the windows you have created in 1080, and adjust them to UHD, so again, save your resources, and work in HD.


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