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Monitoring sound in Resolve?

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Paul Draper
Monitoring sound in Resolve?
on Sep 25, 2017 at 12:27:27 am

Hi, would appreciate if someone might be able to shed light on this (apologies if some dumb questions):

How do people 'normally' monitor and mix sound in Resolve? Would seem that many use HMDI & SDI for de-embedding multichannel audio. What systems are you monitoring on and how do you route the audio there?

In my case in a recording studio – in Resolve 14 Studio I can select 'System Sound' to get stereo-only audio out of the computer via my UA Apollo. There are no options for ASIO drivers & If the 'System Sound' is not set, Resolve seems to be pointing the audio routing somewhere & provides extensive options for speaker arrays and bussing etc. How do people use this & how do they route to monitors?

This is on Win10. Possibly Mac OS may handle this differently with multichannel core audio.

I assume my Resolve audio [multi-track music, SFX, camera, VO] is being routed to a BM Decklink Mini Monitor 4k – the spec says 8ch over HDMI and 16ch over SDI. So how would I patch this into an audio system? 6x analogue audio outputs to Logictech Z550 5.1, or 5.1 TOSLink to same; also routing to various UA Apollo outputs. With ASIO drivers, that would all be easy [just like in Adobe Premier & DAWs].

I'm fine if there's another patch box involved, but really haven't got any sense out of BM about this. All of their stuff seems to be limited to 4ch analogue max, more over digital AES-EBU [but that gets more complex with conversion & yet another box]. I'm not really up for one of their $2k+ audio interfaces and $1.2k DSP accelerator thankuverymuch. Plenty of toys here already, and Premier works fine.

Thanks in advance.

Dell T7910 workstation, Win10x64 Pro; 64GB Ram; Samsung SSDs. CPUs: 2x12 core 3.0GHz Xeons; GPUs: 2x Titan X; VDUs: LG 34UM95, BenQ SW2700PT, BM DeckLink Mini Monitor 4k. Audio: UA Apollo & UAD-2 PCIe, RME ADI-8. Monitoring: Munro Eggs, Genelec 8020Bs, Logitech Z550 5.1. NLEs: DaVinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Premier. DAWs: Nuendo, ProTools, DP9, Live. Plugs: UAD, Steinberg, FabFilter, SoundToys, Sonnox. VIs: NI, MusicTech, Output, MOTU, Steinberg Absolute 3.

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