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Davinci Resolve with OFX NeatVideo Crashing

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aemilia scott
Davinci Resolve with OFX NeatVideo Crashing
on Mar 29, 2017 at 7:18:37 pm

I know this is a not purely Resolve question, but I have struck out with NeatVideo tech support, and I am under a deadline.

I'm unable to render a 4k (UHD) sequence out of Resolve. I've been on the phone with Dwayne, the Titan of Resolve Tech support, and he established that it seems to be the NeatVideo Plugin. I get two types of crashes when I try to deliver video. Either 1) Resolve shuts down immediately and suddenly without error, or 2) the frame rate drops to 0 and sits.

As you can see, I have a system that should be able to handle an UHD sequence. I have 12gb GPU ram per card.

Windows 10
Asus X99 E WS
Intel core i7 6960x
(2) Invidia GTX 1080 Ti
64gb RAM

Per Davinci Support, I've tried changing NeatVideo to Only run CPU, and I've also tried setting resolve to Open CL.

NeatVideo crashes resolve in the first clip, within the first 8 seconds. This clip has only one node of color, one node of film grain matte, and NeatVideo.


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Greg White
Re: Davinci Resolve with OFX NeatVideo Crashing
on Mar 29, 2017 at 8:33:50 pm

same issue here, mine just locks up and the export time goes up and up, not sure who is to blame but its annoying. all i want is for this program to work, common Blackmagic make your NR like neat so we can have higher end NR that works, we do not need more edit features.

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Marc Wielage
Re: Davinci Resolve with OFX NeatVideo Crashing
on Mar 31, 2017 at 6:04:54 am

[aemilia scott] "This clip has only one node of color, one node of film grain matte, and NeatVideo."
Wait a minute: you're noise reducing and then adding back film grain? Or you're adding film grain and then following it with Noise Reduction?

My first workaround would be, turn off Neat Video entirely and just render it out. Take the flattened file back into Resolve, slice it up into cuts (with Scene Detect), then leave on one Node on every shot that just has Neat Video applied and set that to whatever it needs to be, shot by shot. If Resolve only has to worry about one thing, then maybe it can chug through without a problem.

The alternative would be to use Neat Video through Premiere or After Effects and deal with it that way.

My last workaround would be to just not use Neat Video at all and use the TNR within Resolve. I honestly think the NR is good and holds its own with Neat. But in truth I rarely get that upset with a little bit of noise. I would worry if I had a massively underexposed shot or one sequence that was really grungy (particularly one screwed-up by mistake in production), but in general I don't think noise-reduction is as necessary as people think. I get there are certain things -- particularly fashion commercials -- that have to be scrupulously bright and clean and perfect.

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