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Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???

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Michael McCune
Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 13, 2016 at 5:25:21 am

There is a release note with the newest version regarding the new Black Magic solution for Quicktime, which is no longer supported. Are people finding it performing on a par with Quicktime, or are there some teething issues???

Recent problem: it now takes minutes to save or internally process color adjustments. And Windows Process Explorer shows less than 10% CPU and the GPU monitor shows no GPU activity when saving.

System is Win 10 Pro, 6-core, 32Gig ram, all SSD. Video is ProRes HQ UHD shot on Shogun from Sony.

To be sure, this is a longer show, two hours, single video track, and I have window tracking and adjustments throughout. Ram use is between 24-30 Gig, so almost total continuous utilization.

This debilitating problem really stops further work, as adjustments, say, to color boost, simply do not register immediately and only show up after a few seconds. Plus taking a couple of minutes or more just to save. Can't work this way. Am I actually overloading something???

Need gigantic (64gig) ram???

Surely this show is larger than normal but the big boys must work with even larger shows.

Thanks, Mike

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David Roth Weiss
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 13, 2016 at 2:53:41 pm

Seems to me that this is a perfect case for splitting a project into 30-min reels.

Why don't you test performance of 30-min reels? The fastest way is to duplicate the sequence, the delete everything after 30, just o se how it plays and saves? If it's all appreciably better, then you'll know, and at that point you can take you time to find better spots to break things into reels.

David Roth Weiss
Director/Editor/Colorist & Workflow Consultant
David Weiss Productions
Los Angeles

David is a Creative COW contributing editor and a forum host of the Apple Final Cut Pro forum.

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Hector berrebi
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 13, 2016 at 6:50:57 pm

I don't use windows based systems enough to already test 12.5.1 and .2
the whole no QT on windows thing does sound limiting but maybe I'm just too used to QT...

I did come across this solving a student's problem:

I wonder if it will make any difference.

Did you use to have better performances on Win7 with QT and same type of files/project?
Is rolling back an option? (till there is more stability)


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Marc Wielage
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 14, 2016 at 5:20:16 am

I agree 100% with David Weiss above: you'd be much better off cutting the one giant timeline up into (say) 6 x 20-minute timelines. At the very end of the project, you could create a "Super Timeline" composed of all the other timelines and render one continuous 2-hour project. Is the source material literally one 2-hour piece of media, or is it multiple clips? One single piece of media will be a real struggle both for the system and the drives.

I would also avoid running anything in the background, and pre-allocate the maximum 12GB of system RAM to Resolve in the User Prefs.

What specific GPUs are you running? This can also have a big effect on system performance. I assume you're monitoring in HD and correcting in HD. In a pinch, you could set the timeline resolution to HD as well, which should at least let you correct in real time.

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Michael McCune
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 18, 2016 at 5:41:20 am

Thanks, all.

Yes, to confirm, this is a single 2-hour take, an interview recording, primarily a head & shoulders shot, intended to be a beautiful production. This leads to tracking various aspects of the foreground and background, applying various simple color, luminescence, contrast, blur and vignette effects. Perhaps 12 nodes, with multiple parallel node face and objects, with keys, key mixers, etc. LAB color for some tweaks.

This exercise, while very satisfying with respect to the artistic goals attempted so far, gradually kills it as the data builds up.

And, yes, I did break the timeline into separate clips and even into separate timelines. (See notes below on another much shorter project with the same overload issues: 30-minutes total, multiple clips, multiple timelines).

And, yes, I am running the uhd original in HD monitoring, with HD timeline and grading, optimized and cached.

I wonder if the cumulative congestion issue is not at the clip or timeline level, but rather at the project level. That is, the total size or work load of all the clips and timelines.

There must be a way the big boys use this program for serious work.

With multiple cams and complex effects, do they experience the same issue and offload to multiple networked processors??? Does Resolve Studio have built-in processing solutions for data overload, aside from the collaboration features???

NOTE: I have now a similar issue with another project, about 30-minutes total. Beautiful sunrise beach wedding. Same attempt to isolate individuals for tracking, rotoscoped outlines with various color effects to bring them out from the surrounding individuals, add shading, vignettes, etc. Sky enhancement, slow mo on the waves, etc. These effects are marvelous and succeed wonderfully. Until it slows to the point of trepidation and fear of the not-infrequent crashes.

To avoid slowdown, there are eight timelines to break up a concentration of effects. All good in that regard but encounter the same disaster in regard to gradual slowdown and not-uncommon crashes. It now takes about 1 1/2 minutes to save, and today it crashed and was lucky to salvage it. This required re-installing 12.5.2 Resolve and even then it failed to load the project. But a previously duplicated version of the project created as a fail-safe did load. Thereafter the current version loaded. What's that all about???

But it is so problematic now that I wonder if this level of simple but multiple effects really works.


Thanks again, Mike

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Marc Wielage
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Sep 18, 2016 at 7:09:18 am

My main advice is that sometimes, SIMPLICITY is a better tactic. It's not a point of seeing how many nodes you can use -- I think a wiser move is to do it all in the FEWEST nodes possible. I don't dispute that tracking windows are mandatory for some jobs, but for an interview, it boils down to available time and budget. The danger is that you can start pulling the wings off flies on this stuff. As our brothers in the VFX business would say, "endless pixel F-ing." I would say I average a solid 8-10 nodes on many shots, but I'm not afraid to go well beyond that if the project really deserves it. But there are also shots where you can knock it out in 3 or 4 nodes and just move on. There is a point where you have to let go and not noodle it to death. (There are always exceptions, like high-budget commercials and massive Hollywood features.)

As far as the crashes go, that's totally unacceptable and I'm very sympathetic. As Hector asked above: what kinds of GPUs are you using? How do the SSDs rate on the BMD Speedtest utility? How are you monitoring? Which version of Desktop Video is running in the background? Are the GPUs running on the latest firmware?

I would also send BMD Support crash logs and get them involved ASAP.

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Michael McCune
Re: Resolve 12.5.2 + ProRes = really slow saving???
on Oct 24, 2016 at 3:08:01 am

Thanks; I have an Nvidia 1070. No DeckLink card. 1080 timeline with no issues usually in playback, depending upon the number of nodes and various color adjustments.

I have found since last post that all is well IF there is no tracking.

I created a new database (hey, when you are desperate ...), and new project. Loaded a TWO-HOUR long UHD video, which was one continuous head and shoulders clip. Purpose is minor color correction within a window, among other things.

A black mic against a nearly white background provided a nearly perfect tracking object.

But it quickly failed, again, as in the past. That is, crashing so frequently that I was saving constantly and saving was taking longer and longer, in the 15 second to 30 second range.

The tracker at first seemed fine, but--again, as in past experience--began to crash. I think it even corrupted the application as restarts would not show the dual screen layout nor other user interface options. (Finally re-installed Resolve 12.5.2 and the UI restored to normal.)

Became utterly unusable. Deleted all tracking, leaving the mask window, qualifier settings, vignette, other gradation effects:


Thanks again, folks. I realize this stuff--which we would all like to assume is fool-proof and take for granted--was only a dream a few years ago.

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