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MULTIPLE QUESTIONS- XMLs, Edit Page, Color Page- please!

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Rebecca Ward
MULTIPLE QUESTIONS- XMLs, Edit Page, Color Page- please!
on May 28, 2014 at 5:15:57 pm

I am working with DaVinci 10 Lite and FCPX 10.1

I am watching tutorials on DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite and I am still figuring everything out... I'm having difficulty understanding the format of the program and why exactly an "Edit" page is necessary.

1) Why edit in FCPX or Premiere if editing can be done in DaVinci and the purpose of the conform page is to match the offline edit (.mov file)? Why not just edit in DaVinci if you essentially have to recreate the edit to match the offline edit in order to color grade? Can the import of an XML solve this problem entirely so that I don't have to recreate the edit?

2) Is an edited project necessary to begin color grading?

3) If I am working with an unedited clip that is about an hour long in the color page, how to a minimize the scale of the timeline so that I can see the entire clip? I've noticed I'm not looking at the entire clip, but only 20 seconds within the clip...

4) I'm having issues importing an fcpxml. file so that I can color grade individual clips... Which is why I ask about dailies. A window pops up saying 88 out of 88 of my sequences have a timecode issue... I'm not sure what the problem is. I've imported the original media in the media page that the FCPX project references and DaVinci still will not recognize the files. I've also tried to link them by searching for the FCP Events folder and in the file where are the raw media is, however, it still will not link. Could this be an issue with FCPX 10.1 and DaVinci 10 Lite?

4) As I'm having issues with importing an XML I thought I would just color grade the dailies (raw files) without using the edit page, then export the single color graded clips to work with on FCPX or Premiere. Although color grading is more timely/efficient if only applied to the raw file (one long clip), is it better to edit individual clips?

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Laco Gaal
Re: MULTIPLE QUESTIONS- XMLs, Edit Page, Color Page- please!
on May 31, 2014 at 11:09:02 am

1) as a colorist, you don't edit footages, but you get them from editors. Editors will NOT use Davinci, sir that's why you'll have to import their cuts, and match them to the offline edit reference file. Of course you can edit your footage in Davinci too if you're also the editor of the project.
XML import is a way to act like a bridge between editing softwares and Davinci, just as AAF, and EDL.

2) usually yes. You can also colour correct source footage, but that's not an usual way.

3) Lower right corner there is a slider, or Alt/Option and scroll

4) IMHO if there's and issue with the XML import, then it has to do something with the settings, and not the applications. IF your FCP project is linked to the original source files (which are name, reel name, and timecode correct), your XML points to these files, then Resolve should find them in the given folder in no time.

5) You can colour grade the raw files, but you will have to face with two things: more things to render, and after edit you don't know if your grades will be consistent between cuts or not.

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