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Premiere CC XML woes.

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andrew smith
Premiere CC XML woes.
on Jun 28, 2013 at 4:31:57 pm

I am simply trying to get an xml from a sequence to go into Resolve - all R3D in the timeline of Premiere CC. I usually will check xml's coming from premiere in FCP7 just out of habit as I have seen and heard of issues with PP xml going into Resolve - sizing and speed change issues. This time around I tried bringing in that xml to fcp7 and a whole project folder with bins and sequences imports into fcp.

I was also given the PP project which I open and end up just seeing the same thing basically - I then TRIED HIGHLIGHTING THE SEQUENCE I need and exporting an XML but still the same thing happens - I will of course just make an edl or aaf i guess as an alternative BUT i want to know what is going wrong.

What happens is it gives me the whole project in an xml instead of just that sequence I want. I am coming from the world of editing in FCP7 - yes I know I am a late adopter but I do more color grading than anything else these days. I also want to just mark in & out on the timeline and create a quicktime to use as an offline reference - basic stuff I know but I am just about to take on learning PPcc so my apologies for the 101 question.

The editor gave me a reference at 23.98 and I tried conforming in Resolve to that with edl & aaf - it comes in but edit point and sections of each clip seem to be a frame or so off?? Somehow its coming out of Premiere and into Resolve a little bit off. I normally get xml's from premiere editors and just 'wash' it through fcp7 to fix known issues with Premiere XML but on this project like I mentioned above that keeps creating whole projects not just the sequence I need.

Any help would be great.

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Sareesh Sudhakaran
Re: Premiere CC XML woes.
on Jun 29, 2013 at 8:40:10 am

As a first step you could try opening the XML file in a text editor and see if the timecode is already 'off'. If this is the case, the XML isn't being written correctly by Premiere Pro.

Usually, the problem is incorrect project and conform settings, retiming, incorrect use of handles. To quickly know if it is a 'human' error, you can open a new sequence and just import one or two clips, and export the XML. Get that into Resolve and see if the frames are still off. If it is, it should tell you that there is an incorrect setting in there somewhere.

I'm pretty sure you know this next part, but for the sake of asking:

Have you selected your Resolve project settings prior to importing the XML? Start a fresh project (not a new timeline but a whole new project), then before you import go to the settings (bottom left corner) and fix that. Also fix your playback rate to whatever it is you're doing. Check ‘Handle multiple frame rates’ if your project has retimed footage or multiple frame rates. Then import XML and go through the motions.

Try doing this step by step, and you’ll discover the error. Hope this helps.

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