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Set up for basegrading colorgrading

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Felix Gorbach
Set up for basegrading colorgrading
on Sep 29, 2012 at 10:19:37 pm

Hello experts!

I want to build up a color grading station for the use of dailies and pregrades.
Currently I´m working on tutorials to find into the topic and I´m thrilled of what I can do with resolve 9 so far.

I´m trying to get some jobs in this field. For final grading I will go to a studio with a propper setup for finetuning - but for creating the basegrades and the look, I want to use my system:

I have a HPZ820 Workstation with 64Gig Ram and a Quadro 4000 with 2 Gigs of VRam and a 2010 MacBook Pro 17 inch.

I´m new to this topic of setting up all the hardware with sdi, studiomonitors and that stuff - and I´ve discovered some issues:

I use the Color Edge CG245W Eizo Screen for grading so far. I can calibrate the monitor with the built in colormeter to Rec709. I want to use this monitor for previwing in full screen.

For the UI of Resolve I want to use my second Eizoscreen.

So here is the configuration I have thought that might work well for me:
A second Quadro 4000 - for resolve to speed up the preview. I will not plug in any screen in this card.

In the first Quadro I will only plug in the UI Eizo Screen.
To get HD Full Res (1920 x 1080) in real time on the CG 245W screen I will have to get an SDI Signal - so that Resolve will deliver Full Screen on a second monitor? I can´t do this with the quadro cards, so I will have to take at least the DeckLink SDI Card - but with the SDI Signal I can´t plugin the CG 245W Eizo Screen - So I will have to plug in the DeckLink SDI at least the Mini Converter SDI to HDMI or the HDLink Pro with HDMI...?

Sorry for this basic questions, but if you are new to this topics - things are a bit confusing.

At least, as I begin with grading, and I can´t realy trust my Grading monitor so far - I want to use the scopes as a guide. But with just one screen for the UI of Resolve - thats not very convenient - even with the gorgerous scopes of resolve over the Resole Interface.

So I thought, I could hook up my MBPro 2010 17 inch with a USB 3.0 express card - to run black magic ultra scope on this machine - and to feed the Pocket UltraScope - I will use the DeckLink SDI Card.

Is this setup possible? Does it make sense? Has anybody a similar setup and can maybe give a good advice?

As grading is not my main business - I want to start with a setup that does not ruin my budget so far - Of core I know that I would need a propper Sony Professional OLED Picture Monitor (25”) - maybe a Marhall Orchid grading monitor - but that just doubles the price for the setup - and when it comes to professional calibration of those monitors - the costs are kind of exploding....

I need the setup for conforming, basegrading and look development and I will final grade the stuff in a real studiosetup. Hope I can do all the timeconsuming stuff on my station and just for finetuning I will rent some hours at the professioinal studio.

Any tipps and advice will help me at the beginning - so hope to hear from you :)

Thanks a lot for your time.

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Felix Gorbach
Re: Set up for basegrading colorgrading
on Sep 29, 2012 at 10:28:59 pm

... just looked around at the bm website - is maybe the setup possible with the intensity productline from bm?
Is Resolve outputting Full frame HDTV 1920x1080 to this device - or does it need a sdi cabable hardware?

Thanks so much,


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Felix Gorbach
Re: Set up for basegrading colorgrading
on Sep 30, 2012 at 2:38:48 pm

... is maybe the UltraStudio SDI the perfect way to go for me?

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