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import *.exr with correct LUT and settings?

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Felix Gorbach
import *.exr with correct LUT and settings?
on Aug 27, 2012 at 12:43:36 pm

Hy folks,

posted this some weeks ago and couldn´t get an answer on this issue. I made some r&d and want to inform you about what I found out and what kind of works - and maybe there is some better way.

The "challenge":
Have a open exr sequence renderd from Nuke in linear workflow. When I load the sequence into after effects, it looks the same as in Nuke. When I load the sequence into speedgrade its far too dark (like in Resolve), but when I apply a Gamma 2.2iLut - it works fine and looks exactly like in Nuke.

Some try of solotioin:
This would save may day - I thought, and copied the iLut from Speedgrade to the LUT folder of resolve. (I gave myself the fun and copied all of them...)
Some of the new LUTS are working fine in Resolve, some not - and guess what - the Gamma 2.2iLut doesn´t show up in Resolve. So far so "good". The Lut Files that are working are in filesize about 90k and bigger, the Gamma 2.2iLut is 1k - so I checked the files in notepad.
In the working 90k files there are thousands of numbers. I guess some values to calculate for Resolve.
In the Gamma 2.2iLut from Speedgrade it says:

SourceGamma = 1.0; //Gamma of the source material
TargetGamma = 2.2; //Gamma of the display device

out = pow(in, SourceGamma / TargetGamma); //common value for all output channels

red = out;
green = out;
blue = out;

So I interpreted that I just have to lift the gamma in the primaries to 0.22 And yes - it starts to look like the correct image, but its to saturated and the shadows are too bright. - Just a tick, but it´s not the correct interpretation.
I gave myself a try with Color scinece - with DaVinci ACES it´s nearly OK - With DaVinci YRGB it´s totally desaturated and does not look like it should.

So these are my experiences about open exr so far. Does anybody now a Gamma 2.2iLut that works in Davinci? Maybe this would help, like in speedgrade. Has anybody a solution for this issue in general? How can it be that after effects interprets the open exr out of the box correctly and that this industry standard "open exr" is so poorly supported by the new version of DaVinci?
Sorry for this bad question, but during my r&d process I got a bit frustrated.

thanks for your help,


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