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Render speeds and configuration - how fast is your Resolve?

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Chris Oben
Render speeds and configuration - how fast is your Resolve?
on Jun 6, 2012 at 6:18:10 am

If I understand well - rendering from Resolve is all CPU horsepower ... not GPU dependent ...

So graphics cards do not help with rendering. Is this correct?

I have a 2010 8 Core MacPro 4,1 with 14 GB of Ram, a Red Rocket and a Quadro4000.

My max render speed is 20 fps and usually hovers around 17 fps.

I am rendering a 24 fps Red project using Full Res Premium decode to 1920 x 1080.

How can I increase render speeds? Obviously a 12 core Mac Pro will help. Anything else?

I read elsewhere that people are seeing render speeds of 90 fps!!! Can this be true? Was it SD not HD?

Chris M. Oben

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Peter Chamberlain
Re: Render speeds and configuration - how fast is your Resolve?
on Jun 6, 2012 at 9:28:18 am

Hi Chris. Assumption 1 is incorrect.

Resolve uses CPU for codec transcoding and GPU for all image processing. So files from disk are decoded, if required, passed to the GPU for processing. If they are RAW they are debayered in GPU. The exception to this rule is if you have a Red Rocket as the decompression and debayer is made in the Rocket, if not Rocket the r3d files are decompressed and debayered in CPU as thats what the RED SDK requires. In the render process the graded images are then passed from GPU's to CPU to package into the codec of your choice, assuming you compress, and then to disk.

So to speed your renders, you need to optimize a number of processes, or at least find the speed bump. It could be the disk speed, raid controller, number of CPU cores for decoding, decompressing, debayer (if r3d). Then the number of nodes, NR, Blur, and GPUs used to process the images. The resolution, image resizing etc, all uses GPU resources. Then back to the CPUs for compressing, the Raid controllers ability to switch from read to write dynamically and then disk speed again.

My guess based on your details above, by setting the Red Rocket for a Full Res Premium decode of the r3d, the RED Rocket is making a 4K image, which then your single Q4000 GPU must resize to HD for the timeline before it applies the corrections. Try a 1/2 res setting on the Rocket and see what difference that makes as this will give more GPU power to be used for the grades instead of resizing.

And yes, 100+ fps render is very possible with a multiple Rocket, GPU system on a fast disk array.


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Christian Hart
Re: Render speeds and configuration - how fast is your Resolve?
on Mar 10, 2013 at 10:06:43 pm

A related question if anyone can help?? I've been working on a feature for a few weeks & have used the same setup each day for transcoding.

4444 files from the Alexa transcoding to 422 while applying LUTs & burn ins .
Using a retina MBP. Connected via TB to a Pegasus or GRaid & going out via esata to a storage drive.

I used to get 8 or 9 fps - and now without changing anything (that i can think of) i'm getting 26fps.

Has anyone experienced this or similar or can hazard a guess at why the sudden speed improvement?

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Mark Linthicum
Re: Render speeds and configuration - how fast is your Resolve?
on Dec 17, 2014 at 8:17:46 pm

I use to get 30FPS and now I only get 10FPS on my new Mac pro with 444ProRes alexa files.
i have not done anything different, it is very strange.

Thanks, Mark

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