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Grading in Resolve Vs Premiere Pro CC 2015

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James Cundill
Grading in Resolve Vs Premiere Pro CC 2015
on Dec 10, 2015 at 5:59:54 pm

Calling Colourists!

I'm an editor/after effects artist. I've worked in the film industry for many years now and I've worked along side numerous colourists using a wide range of high end grading kit from Quantel IQ to Baselight etc.
I've recently left the film industry and now I'm freelancing at a number of places doing all sorts of post work as well as working on independent projects. I've recently been doing a lot of grading work but I've been using Premiere Pro CC 2015.

I have found I can do everything I need to inside the new Premiere grading tools but I want to know if I'm missing something with DaVinci Resolve. I've yet to delve into it but I'm wondering if its worth spending time learning? What can Resolve do that Premiere can't? With the effects in premiere getting more and more robust and the integration of workflow between premiere and after effects am I not limiting myself by moving to resolve for colour?

Here are a list of things you can do in premiere when grading in CC2015 that make me think there is no reason to change grading systems:

1. Masks. Tracking masks is now possible inside premiere, multiple masks can be added to any effect.
2. Scopes have been added
3. Complex secondary colour correction tools on most colour effects make it easy to pick out areas like faces etc
4. I can apply any of Premiere's other effects like blurs, lens flares etc while in a grade
5. No need to have workflow between systems. I can go right from offline to online.
6. The edit is kept live and grades can be quickly copied across on to new shots.
7. lots more that I can't think of right now.....

Any thoughts?

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Tero Ahlfors
Re: Grading in Resolve Vs Premiere Pro CC 2015
on Dec 11, 2015 at 10:19:19 am

Premiere can do a lot stuff, but Resolve isl optimized for a coloring workflow and I think it's faster to work on it. The biggest thing that Premiere is missing is the different comparison/split screen modes. You could do it but it would be a hassle. Also dealing with different kind of color spaces is easier and there are a lot of output monitoring options that Premiere doesn't have. I think the lack of color surface support is also a deal breaker for many.

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Bill Ravens
Re: Grading in Resolve Vs Premiere Pro CC 2015
on Dec 12, 2015 at 12:41:53 pm

One of the intrinsic advantages to Resolve is how quickly BMD keeps the application updated for the latest industry technology developments. I would venture to say that Adobe is relatively static, needing many months to catch up to the latest technological developments.

One could argue that a dynamically changing software environment is a disability, due to the need to learn new techniques and workflows. But, I've found this keeps me always ready for clients with the latest camera or technology needs.

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Nissania Trujillo
Re: Grading in Resolve Vs Premiere Pro CC 2015
on Dec 15, 2015 at 11:05:21 pm

Hey so I have used both programs for color grading, and every time someone asks me to Color Grade in Premiere I cringe a little. For one, since Resolve has focused on just color grading for many years now. I find that it is much better at handling RAW footage. Which in this day and age makes a world of difference when coloring. Especially for more creative looks that come by from time to time. Resolve can also read LUTs well, the scopes are more trusting, and it has the best damn tracker I have ever seen. Almost always gets it right every time.

To each his own, but it is also easier to make subtle differences to Looks that often make a world of difference.

nissania trujillo
film editor

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