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Hugo McKinnon
Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 4:05:38 am

Hi all I'm new to grading. I'm currently working on the following scene.

I was wondering why the video that appears in Resolve appears to be much flatter than the same video that shows in Premiere, VLC and Quicktime? (Although Quicktime appears to give a greenish tinge to everything).
I presume it's to do with the Resolve GUI operating in a different colour space?

But if that's the case, then why after my grade in Resolve does my ProRes export look almost identical across all the players? Wouldn't I expect my Resolve grade to look much more contrasty once it was viewed in Premiere and VLC?

Furthermore, I had an After Effects comp which I "Rendered and Replaced" and then sent that clip to Resolve. However that did NOT become flatter and the Premiere appearance seemed to be baked in, and I lost a lot of detail when I tried to grade. So perhaps this is an .MTS issue.
Could someone explain how the colour spaces work between the two programs? Thank you very much :)

EDIT: I'm now viewing the clips on my laptop, and the graded footage looks nearly identical across the board EXCEPT Quicktime which has decided to boost the saturation an obscene amount. Why's that happened?

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Marc Wielage
Re: Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 6:32:46 am

Color management is a very complex subject. If you're going to grade in Resolve, get a Blackmagic Design video card going to an HD monitor, then calibrate the monitor, and make all your judgements on that. Otherwise, the operating system itself will affect what you see.

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Hugo McKinnon
Re: Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 7:44:20 am

I'm just an amateur making these videos for fun at the moment. I don't have access to those resources. I understand I'm going to have less than accurate results but would still like to have an understanding of why what I'm seeing is happening even if I can't fix it. I would have thought if the OS was affecting the grade it would affect it uniformly across my players (on the same display). What's happening behind the scenes that's giving the results I described?

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Hugo McKinnon
Re: Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 8:37:39 am

Aha! It was because the clips were being displayed with Data Levels as opposed to Video Levels.

Which is preferable for doing a grade for the web?

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Sascha Haber
Re: Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 9:02:05 am
Last Edited By Sascha Haber on May 31, 2015 at 2:07:01 pm

Preferably, you are doing it right :)

No, need to know about your media, your work and viewing environment and then flick the right switches.
Some programs , like quicktime, assume the viewer is a little uneducated and thus changes things.
The QT file itself contains some meta data that it can read (on mac) or ignore (on PC) and the 'double click audience' might not see what you saw.
Good thing you are using VLC, that is a much more direct approach and yields far better, more comparable results cross plattform.
But browsers, or embedded video players like Youtube, Vimeo and such again use a different method.
Also you might see drastic changes in rendering ProRes4444 compared to ProRes422, and i am not talking subtle color differences here.

So, first thing is to load your media into Resolve , right click your clip and go to Clip attributes
If it says Auto, change it to either Data or video and you will see a jump.
But before that, you also need to set your working environment.
In case you are working for broadcast, interact with AVID and/or have a BMD output card, set it to video.
For Film and Web, set it to Data.
So lets say you are in data and you are working with xAVC data, i bet its video, but you still need to flag it correctly.
Use your build in scopes to determine the correct black and white levels..a tad above the clipping line is a good start.
Then, on rendering, same procedure...
If you leave it at auto, it will use the color space you are in, in this case data.
If you are getting something way to black, it is changing it to video (stretching it over the limits)
If you are getting something to milky it is changing it to data (compressing it and generating needless headroom)

I would not render out in anything else than ProRes4444 just because its the fastest render method.
Use Wondersh@are video converter or Media Encoder to change it afterwards.
In any case, make an account at vimeo and such and upload your result

Good luck, grasshopper :)

Resolve 11.3 - Smoke 2015 EXT1 - Sapphire 8
Colorist / VFX Guru / Aerial footage nerd

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Hugo McKinnon
Re: Premiere - > Resolve. Color Space Questions.
on May 31, 2015 at 9:34:08 am

Thank you that should set me in the right direction for a while :)

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