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replace a single clip in a previously round-tripped sequence

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Steve Renard
replace a single clip in a previously round-tripped sequence
on Mar 19, 2015 at 2:54:58 pm

I have a sequence that I've already edited in Premier Pro CC 2014 and round-tripped through Resolve Lite using XML. But now I need to swap out one clip in the timeline and re-run the color grading just on that clip. Every process I can think of seems complicated and cumbersome. Am I missing something? Is there a simple, straightforward way to deal with just that one clip in Resolve and keep everything else the way it was?

And obviously in this case it's just one clip, but in the future it might be two or three or four or more, so it would be nice if there was a way to do it that was more or less automated and not a manual kind of "bring that source clip into resolve directly and render it out, then bring it into Premiere and drop it in the timeline."

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Steve Renard

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Sascha Haber
Re: replace a single clip in a previously round-tripped sequence
on Mar 19, 2015 at 4:17:01 pm

Easy, we did this for VFX heavy jobs with folders.
You have to make a couple of folders, the first one called something like Shot_001_working and then add folders for every new version you are getting.
The files in the folders always keep their names...
So for example Shot_001.0001.exr
You are then overwriting the files in the working folder, manually or using delivery scripts from Nuke, Generations, Scratch....whatever.
Resolve has the working folder in the timeline and always will use the files for grading.
I do not know much about Premiere , but I think you might be able to design a similar workflow with media files.

Resolve 11.2 - Smoke 2015 EXT1SP2 - Sapphire 8
Colorist / VFX Guru / Aerial footage nerd

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Simon Blackledge
Re: replace a single clip in a previously round-tripped sequence
on Mar 20, 2015 at 1:51:44 pm

Export a new XML from Premiere with the new clips in the edit. You added the new clips to the ungraded timeline yes? Don't go adding ungraded new clips to a graded timeline - You'll get in a right mess.

Version the XML up.

Make sure your using REMOTE grades not local or the new timeline clips won't pick up your global grades.

In Resolve import the New XML

Your edit should load and all the grades you have already done applied.

COLOR tab > magnify glass far right > Show un rendered clips< this will show you all the new clips because you have rendered already the graded ones previously )
So in this instance should only show 1 clip.

Grade the new shots

DELIVER > Render these (will only render un rendered clips as thats what you have the search set to )*
If you rendered to separate clips with unique names keep those settings

If you rendered prev the whole seq as one clip still render as separate clips and load in a new track in premiere don't render the whole thing.

back to edit > Export XML

In Prem load new XML

Loads a timeline with just new clips - copy clips to new track in Prem above pre grade



back to colour > Mag glass - ALL CLIPS
back to edit export XML
In Prem import XML
Will load brand new timeline with all graded shots inc updated

*Handy option for a single updated clip. In delivery page if already rendered - select the output from the list far right. Right click on the clip thumbnail in lower timeline and select render this clip. It sets an in and out for you an just renders that clip - if you swapped the shot or changed the grade etc...
If it was previously rendered your edit will just pick the new render up
If never rendered you'll need to export an XML.

Seems long winded but without doing a grade or render you can do the above in about 20 seconds.


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