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Hard Crashing 2009 Mac Pro problem

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Paul Nordin
Hard Crashing 2009 Mac Pro problem
on Mar 3, 2015 at 5:30:22 am

Well, I’ve got a problem that I am scratching my head over with the 2009 Mac Pro I use with Resolve. 6 months ago I went through a bunch of upgrades to keep it humming, and avoid buying an entirely new trashcan based system. In this upgraded configuration, it was running beautifully for several months. Then a month ago, after a long client session in Davinci, I sat down to do some work and there was an audible POP and a hard crash of the system…like the power chord had been yanked. The system would only start up again if I unplugged it and waited for 20 seconds or so.

The first this I noticed when it started up is there was no CUDA capability. So I switched the GTX780 in the Cubix with the 780 in the MacPro (working as GUI/GPU). That card seemed to work. So I sent the “bad” 780 back to the vendor thinking I had found the problem. However, I discovered that Resolve performance was really bad. Almost like CUDA was throttled down to a tiny flow. And then I heard from the vendor that the 780 I sent back checked out as fine. So that left me with a MacPro performing poorly, and two GTX780s that are according to the vendor (MacVidCards) just fine.

Continuing troubleshooting, I ran Rember, and the RAM checked out fine.
But when I run GPU Test, within a few seconds of the graphic display the MacPro hard-crashes. Every time.

So I thought maybe the PSU. I replaced the PSU with a brand new apple part, and no change…still terrible performance and hard crashing out of GPU Test.

Any suggestions? Might it be my motherboard? PCI ports?

Upgraded 2009 MacPro firmware to MacPro 5.1
Replaced CPU tray with 2 x 12core 3.06 CPUs
Replaced older RAM with 48GB of 1333
In addition to that it has a Cubix expansion chassis
OSX 10.9.4
CUDA 6.5.36
NVidia web driver 334.01.02f02
in MacPro
Flashed GTX780 6gb card
Cubix PCIe Card
Blackmagic Declink 3g+
Atto ssa Raid card

in Cubix
Flashed GTX780 6gb card
4-port USB3 card
ATTO ssa host bus card
RedrocketX card

Any help or insights would be more than welcome!

EMB Studios
Emeryville, CA

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Robert Ober
Re: Hard Crashing 2009 Mac Pro problem
on Mar 4, 2015 at 5:18:43 am

[Paul Nordin] "Any help or insights would be more than welcome!"

You need to take down to the barest system that will run Resolve and see if it is stable then build back from there.

If you have the original system tray put that back in assuming it was working ok before you changed it.

Also, Cuda versions are trickey. Different systems can work better with different versions. Need to try many.

By the way, if you have anything else that uses Cuda check to see if it is OK.

Good Luck,

Robert A. Ober
IT Consultant, Vidcaster, & Freelancer
Houston, TX

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