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The short list

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Sascha Haber
The short list
on Feb 7, 2015 at 10:47:50 am

Hello everybody,

The year is running by so fast , i just celebrated the 1st birthday of my newMacPro and i did a looooot of grading the last two month.
So first , i want to say thank you Black Magic Design Team very very much for providing us with this amazing piece of software.
Especially to Peter who is always calm and friendly and Rohit who listens to my weirdest project issues and even fixed project files in the past.
You guys are awesome and if I ever make it to IBC or NAB again i will provide a couple of beers of coffee depending on the time :)

And now, let me get into the list of things where i believe this program we all adore and some of us still base a living on can become even better.
I will do this window by windows and tool by tool so at least some consistency or chronology is there to read along.
Starting by the project management and ending with the delivery page.
This list is neither rant nor complain, its just a lot of observation and some of it is highly subjective...
But some of it could probably be different and yeah, just better.

Here we go..

1. The Project Management

I like this a lot and the only thing I wish we would have buttons for is importing projects and to be able to add notes and such to the thumbnails.
Also I think the AutoSave recovery would be better suited here than inside the settings.
While "saving projects as" I believe the naming "Copy of project" is a little vintage, maybe it could add numbers instead in the end which is what I do manually now.

2. The Media Pool

This window is my to-go-place when it comes to check out media my fellow co workers delivered...and i love it.
But would it be possible to configure it a little more and save its layout and arrangements ?
I always need to see the usage count, i like the Meta Data window to be wider because it does not truncate long path names and makes it impossible to read the file name, i would like to see alpha channels and I wonder if the columns would not auto sense the file name length and adjust accordingly.
One of the most used functions is Scene Detection which we have like 20 threads about already.
I still think it needs a "set minimum length" slider and it would be super nice if the edl one saves carried the correct Real ID and not 001.
Because that forces me to change the ID in my footage to have it assembled correctly.
And when I have cut-downs of shows they need to live in folders when the ID is the same for all.

3. The Editing Window least favourite place, i have to say.
I know editing features are important and sometimes they save my butt but since i got them i am in bigger trouble than before.
Thing is, i am used to audio editing applications and they are sooo much more snappy and flexible to use.
Like Nuendo/Logoc/Bitwig you just click the timeline and can zoom in be dragging sideways or zoom your tracks by dragging up and down.
When zooming, Resolves refresh rate drops to an all time low, the snapping is awkward and do 4 point edits seems impossible.
I don't know if anyone ever uses star shaped transitions but if so, i would be great to be able to adjust more things, like softness.
Then, Dip to Color for example does not really work the way i am used to it from other apps.
Normally one would expect when changing it to start on edit that it starts with the color on 100% and then fades the color away.
But instead it still fades to the color like it was placed on the edit.
This gives problems when importing AAFs as the effect carries on from Avid but the timing is off.
So is the color, black should be the default imho.
Speaking of color...adding black is a crucial function and right now it seems it can not snap into place between two other clips.
Also i have to render it to a compound clip to be able to add grain or picture effects to it.
Another thing is the inspector...maybe it could live where the toolbox is instead ?
I really like to have my video screens up there and it jumping into place is somewhat distracting.
Same as for the Media Pool, a configuration of the windows that sticks to the project would be nice.
Last thing here is the copy and paste function.
I was under the impression the activated clip and playhead defines the paste position. But it doesn't ... it's kind of erratic where the paste will end up.
Maybe that could be simplified...

3. The Color Window

My precious :-D
This is soooo nice to work in, i can not describe how happy i am with all the tools and functions.
Especially the new Gallery makes it even easier to keep 10 episodes of the same show absolute consistent.
But yes , i also have one or two things here.
The first is clearly is because it worked fine before Resolve 11.
When using a tablet and dragging a numeric value , the moment one reaches the edge of tablet the value jumps to its full extend....BOOOM
So i am adjusting Contrast (which is close to the edge)...fine adjustments.....and I reach the left edge of my tablet and it jumps to 0....BOOOM
Client makes a snappy comment and I have to undo and look like a noob.
Please have a look into this, it worked before, it just stopped changing the value. And if this is a feature, i'll need a lot of convincing :)
The next thing ist Stabilisation and it's lack of ROI .. Region of interest.
Without that I am forced to render a compound clip where i blacked out unwanted tracking areas.
Much easier would be to use the existing shapes to define a ROI and get better and more reliable tracking data.
And last but not least is of course the keyframe editor.
This has been discussed before and I know it works fine for 90% of the things we do on a daily base but especially now with the Open FX tools available I wish we had a bigger window with clear function curves, correct naming (named correctors are still only numbers) and all.
Also tracking curves could be adjusted in a simple XY fashion , could be smoothed or maybe even imported and exported.
But I don't want to go into feature requests, that would be endless...i just wanted to point out the window is extremely small for it's content.
One other thing that puzzles me is the cache.
Yes, it got much better already but it is still an unpredictable little beast.
Especially when using one-file-sequences that have been cut up by EDL or when using OFX effects in the timeline node.
Sometimes I just do not get Resolve to cache it all and are forced to render it all out for playback.

Which brings me to the last window

4. The Delivery Page

After the introduction of the Basic,Intermediate, Advanced windows I had trouble delivering files and this was caused by old presets.
So what if we could drop this separation and had fold out options ?
Options that have a default state and as soon as they change they open up ?
So one could see what options are changed from the default state and has only to worry about those.
Another , and a really important thing...
I would LOVE to be able to see what I did render.
I was hoping the token on the right side would carry the settings one put in when submitting the job but it does not.
Also after rendering the selection on the timeline is deleted.
When working on VFX heavy feature films we are often rendering the same shot dozens of times.
It is crucial to see where and what and when and what file and what version and so on and so on.
Scratch does this in a very nice way , also the naming strings are much more production driven.
Something like #Sourcename#Version#Date#Padding would give a lot of flexibility to renders and made it easier to process sequences during grading, conform and conversions.

All right...that's all for i said this is neither a complete list nor is it a rant, it's just summing up last years experience working with great projects and nice people and some software that is way to cheap ;)

Resolve 11.2 - Smoke 2015 EXT1SP2 - Sapphire 8
Colorist / VFX Guru / Aerial footage nerd

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Margus Voll
Re: The short list
on Feb 8, 2015 at 9:05:15 am

Nice concentrated ideas.

I agree with them and the things that need to change or evolve.

Also seems to be the time of the year when such ideas come to life.

Here is another thread i recently read:



Resolve 11
BMC 2,5k

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Evan Kultangwatana
Re: The short list
on Feb 9, 2015 at 9:23:07 pm

Overall, very happy with Resolve!

But here's my two cents:
I find the change folder location function when pointing to new media to be needlessly limited and sometimes impossible. What does it matter where the media used to be? And why can't we delete the old path in case we made a mistake and pointed to the wrong location? It just adds on infinitely and then you're really screwed. Very tricky especially when dealing with camera file formats that have folders/subfolders. As it is, I sometimes have to reconform the project and then do a colortrace.

In terms of feature requests, I'll make it short.
Audio OMF/AAF export
Turn split clips into independent clips, so that flagging and marking works properly for those workflows
Left arrow and right arrow don't switch clip if going beyond bounds of looped clip in the color page.
Offset ball mappable for 3rd party panels (i know this issue is talked about to death)
A reverse s-curve contrast function to "re-log" linear images.
A user definable gamma frequency/pivot, similar to how parametric equalization works in audio mixing.
Contest frequency control for specifically affecting areas of high, medium, or low contrast. Very handy for adjusting or removing detail in a controlled fashion in beauty work, etc.

Basically I'd like to rely on curves less for picking part the tonal range of an image.

Again, very happy with the program!

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