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AVid to Resolve - wrong timecode in resolve

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John Christie
AVid to Resolve - wrong timecode in resolve
on Nov 7, 2014 at 7:43:40 pm

Hey Davinci people

I have a test sequence of about 15 shots, when I send them from Avid to Davinci via AAF, about half the clips don't make it. The shots have the time code converted to 33 or 34 hour code in Resolve and don't show up.

If I open the same AAF in Premiere Pro, the shots are correct, but if I export an XML from Premiere Pro to Resolve, the exact same clips have the same problem.

It's a 2 camera shoot (not multicammed) both shot on XDCAM Sony 800s, transcoded to DNXHD 220. Everything looks fine in Avid and Premiere. It's just Resolve that can't connect properly.

Any thoughts?

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Joseph Owens
Re: AVid to Resolve - wrong timecode in resolve
on Nov 7, 2014 at 8:12:06 pm

[John Christie] "The shots have the time code converted to 33 or 34 hour code in "

Not sure I comprehend "33 or 34 hour code"... I thought TC only went up to 23:59:59:29 or is this another thing?

[John Christie] "when I send them from Avid to Davinci via AAF, about half the clips don't make it."
They don't show up in Media Pool or don't connect in timeline? If they aren't being imported into Resolve automatically, try to navigate directly to them using the browser -- Resolve can be remarkably obtuse about recognizing media sometimes, even for the minor transgression of not having a .mov suffix. If the Resolve browser can see the original source clips, can they be imported... do they re-link, can they be force conformed...?


"I always pass on free advice -- its never of any use to me" Oscar Wilde.

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Scott Freeman
clip not (re)conforming with hour 24 and beyond in Resolve & Avid
on Nov 9, 2014 at 5:29:58 am
Last Edited By Scott Freeman on Jun 2, 2016 at 3:52:49 am

(re)conform problem:
  • Clips are not (re)conforming when importing Avid AAF into Resolve Timeline
  • The Edit Index Events show timecode hour 24 and beyond in the Resolve Timeline
  • The clip needed in the Resolve Media Pool shows only hour 00-23 timecode metadata

(re)conform solution:
  • Use the AAF as-is from the Avid Media Composer
  • In Resolve Media Pool using clip attributes change clip's hour timecode metadata in Resolve as it appears at the Edit Index Event Timeline.
  • Back in Avid when (re)conforming the Resolve Rendered MXF OP-Atom Media Files, in the Avid Bin duplicate the populated metadata in the "start" column (start timecode) into Auxiliary TC2 and then a relink is working in the Avid using Metadata Populated Auxiliary TC2 column.

Reason for all of this so I think:
  • Resolve seems to roll-over timecode as displayed for the clip in the Media Pool
  • Resolve seems to currently support hours 24 and beyond ar Timeline Edit Index Events from an AAF
  • The Avid currently is not relinking using start timecode metadata if the bin is rolling over the numbers. It is like the Metadata pulled by the Avid Relink Command is in a pipeline before the bin displays the metadata, so this becomes hard to spot.

Maybe this is helpful, and here are some more thoughts

I have seen this AAF non-standard hour timecode support with rolling-over-hour-timecode metadata with sources that were MXF files and also with AMA Direct Link of QuickTime movies to name a few.
timecode hour metadata can roll over more than once.

Non-standard hour timecode metadata (example 35:35:36:11) seems to be specif to tapeless source files. All tape decks/tape sources that I have used for digitizing so far, after hour 23 will go to hour 00. While if I have a source file with embedded metadata like hour 35, Avid and Resolve will display hour 11 metadata for the clip.
For fun, I would love to know if there is a tape deck out there that displays hour timecode metadata like hour 99 or hour 104?... ...A while back I called blackmagic support asking why I can have a clip in the Resolve media pool with hours like 24, 33, 34, 35, etc?... The response was that graphics need this sort of timecode support deliverable.

***A master clip in an Avid Bin (just tested this out on mc v8.2) and a source file in the Resolve Media Pool (Resolve v11.1) will both roll over the hour of timecode metadata after hour 23. thus by default instead of displaying hour 34 metadata timecode one would see hour 10 metadata timecode in both the Avid Bin and the Resolve Media Pool. An AAF seems to support timecode metadata like hour 33, 34 etc, and in the Edit Page the Edit Index is displaying timecode metadata with hours beyond the standard 00-23.

Another thing I have seen come up with tapeless sources: How the application counts timecode with a clip starting at hour 23 and rolls to the next hour:

Start Timecode hour 23 master clip will it go to 24 or 00 timecode metadata?

Example of how Avid and Resolve count hour timecode metadata of a master clip differently(23.97 frames per second example below)

Avid, if the source master clip timecode metadata is 23:59:59:23 the next frame will be 00:00:00:00.

Resolve, if the source master clip timecode metadata is 23:59:59:23 the next frame will be 24:00:00:00

For Master Clip's timecode metadata and then the user changes the timecode metadata, currently Avid and Resolve are different with how that timecode is in the Sequence/Timeline:
  • In Avid ---> Once a master clip is linked to a sequence, if one updates/changes the timecode metadata of that master clip, the master clip in the sequence gets the update of timecode metadata, thus the shot stays as is in the sequence except with the timecode metadata update.
  • In Resolve ---> If one changes the timecode metadata of a clip linked to a timeline the timecode metadata does not get updated in the Timeline.

---> tested on Resolve version 11.1 and Avid version 8.2 windows os 8:
(Test/Results Example 11-9-14 Resolve 11.1 windows os8 | Avid 8.1 windows os8 | quicktime pro 7 to view the actual source timecode metadata by default)

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Alex Frasse
Re: clip not (re)conforming with hour 24 and beyond in Resolve & Avid
on Jun 18, 2016 at 12:10:31 am

Hi Scott,

I know this thread is from a while back but I've run in to a similar issue and was wondering if you might have some input.

I'm working on a film that is shooting on an older model of the Arri Alexa that is recording both Uncompressed HD (.dpx), as well as ProRes 4444 proxies.
I'm currently trying to set up the project for the editor in Avid and my plan was to ingest and transcode the ProRes proxies to DNxHD36 for an offline workflow, then export an AAF for resolve and relink the sequence to the Uncompressed HD.
The problem is, I've tried a test on this and I can't get the sequence to relink to the uncompressed files in resolve. The file names of the DPX are slightly different than the ProRes footage. (i.e. DPX = C001_B002R1YD , ProRes = B002C001_160612_R1YD)
The DPX files will show up into the media pool and I can color with them just fine. I just can't relink to my sequence.
I also noticed that the source timecode on the DPX files is about 2 frames off from the Pro Res files. I've tried reseting the timecode of the DPX clips to match the ProRes clips in DaVinci, but that didn't work. I've also tried various changes to the conform settings.
I'm hoping I can avoid having to transcode the DPX files themselves since that would eat up so much time.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
Running Avid 8.3 & Resolve 12 Lite

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