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New HSL Vector finesse tools are amazing, but…..

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Robert Ruffo
New HSL Vector finesse tools are amazing, but…..
on Jul 3, 2014 at 8:54:03 pm

New color features in V11 are truly wonderful and thanks to all who made them happen.


Range/scale is way off in HSL keyer:

The very bottom of saturation sliders, like the bottom 5%, covers everything from full to zero saturation (and my image is just within legal broadcast bounds on scopes, so it's not that)

Near- black pixels (5 IRE on scopes) corresponds to more than halfway up the luminance slider.

Hue does not seem as off, but is not dead-on either.

Also, without any finessing, HSL seems way, way noisier than before on same footage.

Windows do not seem to play very nice with each other of you have several and use one as a mask/invert in a Key Mixer node.

Element Lift-Gamm-Gain sensitivity seems skewed to being too slow.

Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but it seems that video vs full levels did not used to be the opposite of expected before. Now video show full range, and data/full clips the images at both ends of luma. (?)

All the above was no problem in v10, so I'm sure it will be fixed.

To help solve the problem, this was Red MX footage, with debayer bit depth set to 16, and debayer resolution to Premium Half (full res debayer at final ouput did not shift anything). I have not yet had the chance to test other footage types.

I have a 12 core Mac Pro with GTX 680 as both GUI and compute.

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Nat Jencks
Re: New HSL Vector finesse tools are amazing, but…..
on Jul 21, 2014 at 4:03:58 am

Hi Robert, how are you debarring the R3D? REdLogfilm and then an output LUT, or Redgamma3 etc? If you are debayering as Log and then grading under a curve, your are correct that the HSL ranges are way wrong.

This is true for v10 as well.

It would be very nice if there was a setting to change the HSL keyer to a "log mode" with log appropriate ranges.

This may not be your issue, but it is something I have noticed.


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