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Grading for the web

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Jonathan Bigler
Grading for the web
on May 7, 2014 at 5:05:07 pm


I have a Resolve station with a BM decklink and a Flanders Scientific monitor. I usually grade films for TV.

Now I'm working on a project that will only go on the web, on Youtube.

When I use my system as usual, and export an h264 file, and check it on my Apple Cinema Display, it looks really flat and desaturated. I am aware that my grading monitor, and the outputed file are using different color spaces, Rec 709, and sRGB.

What is the best way around this? I can add a correction node on the track, that I turn on during the export, and do a rough eye match. But I'm guessing there is a better way to do this.

I tried on my track to add two corrector node with a LUT, Rec 709 to Linear, followed by Linear to sRGB. It's seems a little more contrasty, but not quite there.

Ideally, I should have a complete sRGB workflow. Is that possible with my monitor? I don't seem to find how I could setup a sRGB project, use the sRGB color space with my monitor.

Any tip is welcome, thanks.

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Toby Tomkins
Re: Grading for the web
on May 8, 2014 at 12:43:32 am

Is your monitor set up as 2.2, 2.4 gamma or BT.1886 gamma?

SRGB and Rec709 share the same primaries / colousrpace, it is only the referred display gamma that is different, so all you need (ideally) is a 1D conversion LUT depending on your gamma set up, or a cowboy approach would be to just use your gamma control in resolve, do tests, and save the adjustment you find preferable in your Power Grades (-; If doing this I would also keep an eye on saturation as density effects perceived saturation.

Having said that, in the real world computer monitors' gamma are all over the place, and phones and ipads are even worse, with many Apple displays being slightly high in gamma. With most of my music video clients and occasionally viral video clients checking the output on their iphones, ipads and macbooks, I find grading for 2.35 Gamma to get quite close to most new Apple screens. See here for more;,3156-4.html

So it also depends on your demographic!

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Jonathan Bigler
Re: Grading for the web
on May 8, 2014 at 10:03:55 am

Thanks Toby, that was very helpful.

So as I understand it, no need to worry about color space, Gamma is enough.

My monitor is set to 2.2, I see from Tom hardware's link you published that the Apple displays are more around 2.4, but the Galaxy is way down to 1.8. That's a hudge difference.

Now I'm a bit wondering, if I should go up to 2.4 on my grading monitor, or stay on 2.2 as an "in between" kind of approach.

I'll do a couple of tests in that direction and get back to this post.

Thanks for the help!

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