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No clip are found in XML

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Mathieu Le Fellic
No clip are found in XML
on Jan 7, 2014 at 11:38:33 pm


first of all, sorry for my english, because I'm French ^^

I'm a new grador and I have some problems with Davinci Resolve Lite 10, I don't have the time to read the manual (I'm a very slow reader) and I don't know what to search, so, sorry if a post exist already.

My problem :
An editor give me an XML (in pro ress) from Final Cut 7 and when I load the XML in resolve 0 clip are found.
I choose the folder but 0 clip are found.
When I select a clip in my media pool and I force conform with the selected media pool clip, there is a zoom in my clip and the timecode is wrong. I meet the same problem (wrong timecode) in another project.
I Don't know what I need to search to deal with my problem.

Someone have an idea ?

Thanks for your time !

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Joseph Owens
Re: No clip are found in XML
on Jan 9, 2014 at 4:59:52 pm

Resolve is not clairvoyant, there are some specific requirements for the application to find and link to source media. If you were to review the manual regarding how to set up a round trip, you might find that Resolve, while it supports a vast number of media types, does not support all, and does need to see each file identified with a suffix -- ie .mov. If you are able to navigate to a source directory and the application sees the media and you are able to import it, then the issue, and it sounds like this is what is happening -- perhaps your source media is missing something else -- a reel number and/or time code -- or at least unambiguous or unique time code.

If connections are made, but they are not being linked to either the correct clip or the wrong trim points, then it is because Resolve is making a best guess where some or all of the correct references are not present. Another factor may be discrepancies in source frame rate. Although Resolve can be configured to take source frame rate into account, most offsets and frame mapping calculations are based on the project sequence frame rate, which will lead to errors if the source media frame rate does not match.

These are just some of the obvious first-up thoughts.


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