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Osmani Tellez
FCPX Resolve workflow...
on Oct 30, 2013 at 3:14:02 am

Hello there.

I was hoping i can find some help in here. I'm a one man band trying to learn about so many things that i go crazy, so i turn for help to you.

I use FCPX10.0.9 and i have Davinci Resolve lite 10...

i tried DR 9 before but did bot used that much..watched tutorial and stuff...but, I haven't found a way to incorporate it to my workflow and i wish i could...but so far it seems very difficult.

basically, when my edit is done i tried to export to resolve..first i tried to undo many thing that don't translate to Resolve too well..but its always something weird happening that it becomes a nightmare..either going in or going i end up using FCPX colorboard

is there a good way to incorporate Resolve to FCPX for color grading?

should i pass footages thru resolve first?


anywhere i can read on how to use resolve efficiently ?

thanks a lot.

FCPX 10.7, Motion 5. Canon 5D mark II, T2i, T3i.

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Sascha Haber
Re: FCPX Resolve workflow...
on Oct 30, 2013 at 8:09:42 am

Generally speaking, you have to plan ahead.
The problem is that editors these days act like Producers, VFX gurus, colorists and DITs.
And on the surface a tool like Premiere and FCPX or similar can do all this..
But nothing really good.
So I would suggest you think about what to do and where and then follow a route.
For example, its much easier to rough cut a show, then just export an EDL with the selected clips and a load of handles to Resolve, grade that without going to much into details and do the final edit on the graded material.
Also crazy speed effects, picture in picture and reframing is done easily in the NLE and a PITA to recreate manually in Resolve.
As long as we lack a common interchange language or optical flow tracking of the whole show to effortless recreate all this I would tend to not do them in the start but in the end.
Only Smoke can handle all these tasks in a proper way and quality but if you plan ahead you get very far with FCPX and Resolve and a handful of good plugins.

A slice of color...

Resolve 10b3 , Smoke 2013 EXT
Colorist / VFX / Aerial footage nerd

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Osmani Tellez
Re: FCPX Resolve workflow...
on Oct 30, 2013 at 2:04:42 pm

Thanks Sascha.

Yes, i have a ton to test, read and learn. thanks for your advise.

a problem i have when i use xml to resolve is that when i come back from resolve it crates new event and the clips are all reconfirm to 720p so i can't reframe if i feel like..this is just one example of troubles it creates...I usually edit in 720p with some clips at 1080p so i can, i was scratching my head on how to avoid this mess..

Yes, plan ahead..that's what i'm looking for.

I guess i should do a rougher cut than i was use to..(so i don't have to undo a lot manipulations) make sure the spacial conform and reframing is what i want to and then take the Resolve route. wuao...ummm

i was thinking mage ingesting in Resolve with separate folders for 1080 and 720 and work in FCP with the exported Resolve this a bad idea? anyone doing this way?

thanks for your help.

FCPX 10.7, Motion 5. Canon 5D mark II, T2i, T3i.

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