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RED Trim...great but I wish it was better

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michael stirling
RED Trim...great but I wish it was better
on Aug 16, 2013 at 9:45:20 am


The is half moan half feature request for DVR 10.

I've been using the red trim a lot over the last few weeks (since it was pointed out to me in fact) and whilst I love it , it isn't very reliable and moreover when it fails you are left having to do the whole thing again.

The problems are :
It seems to not trim in order of the timeline or filename or file path or anything logical.
Doesn't tell me which clip it failed on.
When I repeat the process on to the same folder it doesn't ask me if I want to skip the files it already sees are there.

If it did these things it would be great



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andrew smith
Re: RED Trim...great but I wish it was better
on Aug 16, 2013 at 12:54:55 pm

Yeah it does not work properly at all, I have had it make files that resolve then cant see?? I also want to know best practices for re-connecting a project to the trimmed files, should be seamless but I have found that the collected/trimmed r3d's don't reconnect to my project as expected. Maybe I am doing somethign wrong, I noticed the resolve collect instructions say to remove the clips from the media pool and then add the trimmed/collected version but that makes me nervous to damage my project.

Really what I would like to see and am requesting for V10 is a collect function like that app on the itunes store. Like many post-applications being able to collect files w/ handles etc to archive a projects footage is really important. We need options in this as well and an easy way to open projects and reconnect footage to the trimmed down collected versions.

Also, when reconnecting files don't force me to go one file directory location at a time, i want to highlight all the clips in my media pool and point to the new location and have it just find the clips!


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brandon thomas
Re: RED Trim...great but I wish it was better
on Aug 16, 2013 at 6:12:15 pm

I have much better luck trimming with RedCine.

Resolve tends to stall trimming whenever it feels like it.

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jake blackstone
Re: RED Trim...great but I wish it was better
on Aug 16, 2013 at 7:22:09 pm

No need to get nervous. Just make a copy of the project and do whatever the manual telling you to do without worry. Yes, you can remove your material from the pool after trimming it and adding new trimmed r3ds into the new folder. if you follow the manual, consolidation does work quite well as is "reconfirm from bin(s)" command..

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