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Node Graph bug

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akim behoud
Node Graph bug
on Oct 26, 2012 at 5:26:44 pm

Drag and drop to the node tree doesn't work. Need to restart application.

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Pepijn Klijs
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 26, 2012 at 6:30:38 pm

Works fine here, maybe it's your system?

Editor/Colorist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Joseph Owens
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 26, 2012 at 6:31:40 pm

Are you getting replies to these threads?

For some reason nothing from you seems to show up on the Resolve forum as it previews in my browser.

You also seem to be reporting a very high number of "bugs". Does anything work as you expect it to?
For example, drag and drop nodes to the Nodes window has never failed for me -- you do need to drop the node icon exactly on top of the connector... you cannot simply drop it anywhere in the window.
Have you checked to make sure your configuration is compliant with Blackmagic Design's recommendations?


"I always pass on free advice -- its never of any use to me" Oscar Wilde.

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akim behoud
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 26, 2012 at 8:41:10 pm

Hello Joseph
Yes, I have drop and drag on the grey line or into the Node itself and nothing. Then I restart the application and it works again.

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Peter Chamberlain
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 29, 2012 at 1:21:45 pm

Akim, please help yourself by providing information that others can use to help you. Please detail your hardware config. Is it exactly as per the config guide? What version of what OS are you using? What GPUs, what cuda and NVIDIA drivers? Do you have a Decklink card, have you loaded the driver? This information will help others provide advise.

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akim behoud
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 29, 2012 at 2:01:44 pm

Hello Peter

I have:
IMac Resolution 2560 x 1440,
OS X 10.8.2,
2.82 GHz Intel Core i7,
HD solid state 250GB,
16GB 1333 MHz,
ATI Radeon HD 5750,
Resolve 9.0.3 with USB dongle,
and I run it mostly with 720P 25 footage.

These bugs work again when I restart the application:
Cursor not selecting curves points or secondaries points or key selection.
Auto Balance not balancing.
Drag and drop to the line or inside a node doesn't work.
Sub-folder files naming only accept the letter I.

These bugs are always there:
3-way double-click inside the color wheel to reset RGB only, reset both RGB and Gain.
Log 4-way bug double-click inside the color wheel to reset RGB doesn't reset.
Selective auto Balance with the cursor in the viewer doesn't work.
Overlay blendmode go negative/invert with contrasty pictures.
Curves endpoint jumpy.

This bug hard crash the computer:
Changing timeline resolution from PAL to 4K.

Peter anything else with this color correction software is nothing but amazing, especially the color processing. * I can speak because I have a great number of video applications and plugins, all very good in there own ways ))


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Eric Johnson
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 29, 2012 at 7:03:27 pm

I would wager that your hard crash from PAL to 4k is due to the fact that your system is in no way spec'd to deal with 4k material. At least that is based on my understanding of the system requirements laid out by BMD in the Configuration guide for 4k grading on a mac.

Also, though you do have a newer system, it still only has the one gfx card so GUI and GPU task are being done by the same card simultaneously, that would account for the lag and seemingly unresponsiveness of the software.

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akim behoud
Re: Node Graph bug
on Oct 30, 2012 at 1:55:40 am

Hello Eric

1- The configuration PDF doesn't say anything about lag and seemingly unresponsiveness of the software:
Building a Resolve iMac
Suitable for HD grading
3 Ideal for pre-grade, preview and training
3 Realtime processing of HD images
3 Preview, grade and render HD images
3 Grading monitor support via ThunderboltTM SDI capture
DaVinci Resolve on an Early 2011 iMac is fully featured and not limited in any way. The only limitations are those imposed by the disk, GPU and CPU speeds. The noise reduction feature is not available on iMacs as this feature requires an NVIDIA CUDA GPU. As with other Resolve configurations, the Resolve iMac benefits from being used with the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface but can also be used with any of the certified third party control panels.
Using HD720p files with an internal SSD drive or external Thunderbolt disk array, colorists can grade, preview and render in real time with SD and up to HD720p30 images.
All compressed files, including Apple ProRes and RED r3d, are decompressed by the CPU prior to grading by the GPU. If you are mainly working with compressed files, consider using an iMac with faster CPUs so that realtime grading is not impeded by slow CPU processors.
A Thunderbolt disk array provides fast, high capacity disk storage for current iMac computers. Alternatively, replacing the internal hard drive, with the biggest SSD you can afford, will make a substantial improvement to Resolve’s performance.

2- I have done 4k successfully (not realtime 2-6 fps) but most of the time I am in 720P 25.
This bug is not about 4k resolution, it is about switching from Pal to 4K, if I switch from PAL to HD to 2K to 3K to 4K no problem.

Thank you

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