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How to syncronize resolve and protools

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Mirko Perri
How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Sep 28, 2012 at 6:37:29 pm

Hi every one.
I am designing a new post studio. I will set up a DaVinci workstation in a mix stage. I would like to have the possibility to enslave a Pro Tools HD DAW from DaVinci. Is it possible? Is there some particular hardware to send clock signal and LTC from Resolve to Pro tools (or any other device)? If i have to set up a clock signal generator like Antelope, i need some particular hardware for resolve?

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance...i'm a sound guy : )


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Kevin Cannon
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Sep 29, 2012 at 1:56:41 am

Hi Mirko,

Resolve lets you enable LTC timecode out from the Decklink 3D+ on channel 16 of the SDI, but you might need an SDI>Analog Audio Disembedder. Basically for use as you are describing, but I haven't used it with a protools station, just with my iphone.


Prehistoric Digital

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Rohit Gupta
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Sep 29, 2012 at 2:01:52 am

LTC also goes out on one of the analog outputs of Decklink.

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Mirko Perri
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Sep 29, 2012 at 12:09:10 pm

Thanks for advices :) I will post the results when all devices will be wired.

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Danny Odom
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Aug 24, 2017 at 2:29:35 am

Hey Mike!

I've desperately been trying to solve this exact problem, getting LTC or MMC, or MTC out of resolve to trigger the playback and track with the timeline of Cubase or ProTools. And the exact opposite configuration getting Cubase or ProTools to output MMC or MTC (thats easy) to Resolve as LTC to follow the timeline of the audio project.

Have you found a solution for this yet?

Thanks much!


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singleton makin
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Aug 25, 2017 at 7:51:24 am

This sounds like back in 1997

Syncing protools to chase a video deck

It's basically the same thing

It's your video interface and you timecode/midi interface

Now in my case I use a Motu and an old Opcode studio Xtc
As it will allow me to sync everything to blackburst/gen lock

And LTC and MMC
But again it's locking an old system to the new system

Not the other way around

You don't use Protools as a master it is always the slave to the resolve edit timeline
The locked picture
Trying to make resolve follow protools is well it's really the same thing

But I only was able to do that with a locked protools session via an OMF file that came from an Avid Film Composer

So chase locking the protools to the video deck which is really what you are trying to do here

I have not done it but I will be following this thread to see your success . I too want to do this with protools but now it's an mbox so I have to go through midi interface ....Motu

I would like to do an experiment to see if I can chase lock three systems all via black burst box and LTC

An old 9600 mac tower that is still churning
OS9 Protools Free
But through the Opcode studio Xtc box
I have two now . One as a backup. These are rare!

Singleton Makin
"observe the masses and do the opposite!"

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Danny Odom
Re: How to syncronize resolve and protools
on Aug 25, 2017 at 8:18:30 am

Hey Makin!

Thanks so much for getting back!! I actually stumbled on to a extremely obvious oversight of mine about this subject. I was waiting for a piece of software or hardware to make this solution for me but its so obvious..... now.

- Literally just drop LTC generated audio clip into any video editing software, this site generates up to a 90min clip or generate your own and record it somewhere.

- put it on a channel of its own and output to a submix that doesn't route to speakers (obviously)

- use this tool: on the chase/slave computer

- set correct MTC input on DAW and WHAM!!!! super easy setup.

-Mult this submit out to as many computers or devices you need to chase the timeline!

Obviously it doesn't let you mess with anything on the slave computers once they are externally synced. But OMG.... I have been trying to stupidly solve this issue for what feels like years. But probably just a really long week.

Thanks for your post that is a solid setup! But since I don't actually need nonstop clock generated the audio file method will work perfectly for me!

SO PUMPED. I can now mix, color grade, edit, final mix, deliver all with out bouncing a single stem or exporting h264 ever again.



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