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some question of the DaVinci Resolve !!

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carter wong
some question of the DaVinci Resolve !!
on Jul 30, 2012 at 3:03:00 am

hello, i am the trainee colourist, i have some question of the DaVinci Resolve.

1.)many of the cameraman hope that they want to see the RAW file(red) , how can i give the raw date for them at the Resolve?

2.)is it we are base on the RAW file ---->camera metadata --->3D LUT------>colour grading???

3.) and what is the LUT? is it the converter?use for (log to lin) right ????

4.)DaVinci Resolve have some lens filter??some dicector hope that add some filter at the colour grading time!

hope that you can answer my question,thank~

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andrew smith
Re: some question of the DaVinci Resolve !!
on Jul 30, 2012 at 3:06:02 am

this post is amazing!

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Peter Chamberlain
Re: some question of the DaVinci Resolve !!
on Aug 1, 2012 at 5:59:52 am

HI Carter, I think your questions might have a quicker response on the DaVinci Basics and Configuration forum.
You should upgrade to Resovle v9, its a no cost upgrade. To each of your questions specifically;

1) Resolve will natively decode and debayer and play RED r3d raw files. Just put them in the Media Pool. You can adjust decode settings in the Project settings, Camera Raw page in v9.

2) For a basic raw workflow, put the raw files in the media pool, set the RED resolution, quality, colorspace and colorscience for the project, or per clip in our new Camera Raw palette on the Color page, and grade. While technically correct there is 100% no need for LUTs if your output is REC 709 for TV. Just make the grade look good on your REC 709 monitor.

3) Dont worry about LUTs in this case. I'm sure you can make the grade look great with the RED decode settings and Resolves grading features.

4) Version 9 has 40+ pre made grades which you can find in the Gallery. Have a look at those.

I highly recommend you read the new v9 manual, from our web support pages or with the Mac download. It describes the RED workflow well.


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