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Grading Panoramic footages

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Matthieu Laclau
Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 28, 2012 at 4:55:22 pm


I'm going to edit and grade a panoramic short film shot with 3 epic cameras (one filming the left, one the center and one the right). A vfx company is going to do the blending and provide me every shots in 1080x15000 for online files and some smaller (4K large) for offline editing on premiere.
I think I can find a way to deal with the editing, but I was wondering if I can grade 1080x15000 footages in Davinci. Probably not! How would you proceed?
Does anyone know the best workflow to do this grading?
I was thinking I could grade each camera footage separately, putting the same nodes on each camera, but that's not convenient.
Hope you could help me,
Thanks very much.

Matthieu Laclau

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Juan Salvo
Re: Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 28, 2012 at 7:01:53 pm

I've never tried it. You would need an insane amount of VRAM. Perhaps you could pull that off on davinci Linux with 8 or so gpus.

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Dmitry Kitsov
Re: Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 29, 2012 at 12:16:52 am

It seems to be that the highest horizontal dimension you may chose for a timeline in Davinci resolve is 8192 pixels. If you will feed 15000 pixels wide DPX file to Resolve 8.2.2 on Windows it will accept it. The maximum horizontal size of the image that resolve will produce in render will also be 8192 pixels. On my PC with 1x Q4000 (GUI) and 2x GTX 5800 (3GB) render speed was about 6 fps (I do have fast storage)
It does not look you will be able to use resolve to grade the full size of your 15000x1080 footage.
May I recommend After Effects or Nuke (I think not sure but I think Nuke should be able to handle the size).
After Effects ships with Color Finesse a very powerful color grading plugin that will handle the frames of that size as well. That is being said, my PC has lots of RAM (48GB). You results may vary.

Dmitry Kitsov,
72mm Production

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Matthieu Laclau
Re: Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 29, 2012 at 7:01:14 pm

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for your advices.
I think I'm going to grade three images separately (left, center and right).
I'll do the same primary correction for three images, and add window separately without touching the edge of the frames.
What I learn today is that it's going to be shoot and projected at 50f/s!
It's not going to be simple.


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Andrew Anderson
Re: Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 30, 2012 at 7:32:31 am

Try this,

Conform all three time lines as separate, 1 left, 1 center and 1 right time line, keeping media in preset bins under root in media page,

then tell resolve left camera is left eye 3D and center is right eye 3D, then you can grade them together on the screen, making center you master
you can even use color match between eyes,

once that's done, make right camera your time line left eye and leave center as right eye,

then batch copy right eye grades to left eye and continue grading matching your Right camera (left eye) to Center master ...

once your done, export all there timelines as single clips and stitch them together in AE..

That's what I'd do ...

sounds like fun

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Sascha Haber
Re: Grading Panoramic footages
on Jul 30, 2012 at 6:45:07 am

Piece of cake, load all cams separately, make three video tracks, assemble your edits .
Then group the shots you need to grade at once and your grading on the middle one.
Try to use the track node to scale down all of then so you can even see em together .
I'm not in front of the system right now, but it sounds very cool :)

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