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Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size

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John Pilgrim
Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size
on Jul 7, 2012 at 8:16:12 am

I'm having weird results, not consistent with the behavior described in the Resolve manual.
I'm grading 3840x2160 ProRes4444 source ftg, and wish to maintain the same specs for output.

If I set my Timeline Resolution to 1920x1080 in order to see the ftg full frame on my grading monitor, and set my render Output Size to 3840x2160, I get soft footage, as if the source had been downrezed and then uprezed. SAMPLE

If I set my Timeline Resolution to 3840x2160, and use an Input Transform to scale the footage down 50% in order to see the ftg full frame on my grading monitor, and set my render Output Size to 3840x2160 with Disable Input PTZR turned ON, I get crisp footage that matches the quality of my source. SAMPLE

So I have a workaround, but it seems like a hack.

The manual states:
Project Tab
Timeline Format
The Timeline Format section defines the parameters used for image processing during grading.
For example, if you use a HD grading monitor, setting the system resolution to 1920x1080 provides
automatic up or down sampling of the source images on the grading display. When you render the
files, the render resolution can be set to any other parameter so this system resolution is just to set the
working specification for the system while grading and it does not limit the settings for deliverables

The Render screen is used to set up the configuration and initiate rendering of the timeline images.
DaVinci Resolve is not restricted by this limitation and this provides you with significant workflow
A simple example of this is using 2K source material and an HD image processing timeline and then
setting DaVinci Resolve for Mac to render in ProRes 444, and then render in MXF Avid DNxHD, and
then 2K DPX. All the settings are configurable and permit mastering in all the formats you need without
having to change the timeline processing resolution.
These renders are always performed at the highest resolution possible. If the source clip is 2K and you
have an HD timeline but wish to render in 2K, no problem. DaVinci Resolve will use the source clip and
apply the metadata for that clip as directed by the color correction list with a single resize of the image.

But the results I'm getting would seem to indicate that the Timeline Resolution IS effecting the Render output.

Thanks in advance for your insights!

Resolve 8.2 full
OS X 10.6.8
MacPro4,1 24GB RAM
Quadro 4000 GUI
Quadro 4000 GPU
Decklink Extreme 3D

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Sascha Haber
Re: Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size
on Jul 7, 2012 at 9:56:47 am

Well, my workflow is to set up the timeline to my desired output and then only scale the Video output.
I am using an older but still lovable JVC broadcast monitor to check my colors.
Its PAL only, but still blows anything LCD out of the water.
I work mostly in 1920 and deliver in 1280.
So my Timeline is set to 1920, the render output is set only when I am ready to do so and the video output is set to PAL.
By the way, this also dramatically reduces the lag the Decklink cards adds.

A slice of color...

DaVinci 8.2.1 OSX 10.7.2
MacPro 5.1 2x2,4 24GB
GTX 470 / Quadro 4000
Extreme 3D+

ICA Instructor

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Andy Winter
Re: Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size
on Jul 7, 2012 at 10:54:03 am


i don't see any difference between the two sample images! (the first one has a thin black border, but it doesn't appear softer to me)

am i alone?

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John Pilgrim
Re: Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size
on Jul 7, 2012 at 6:11:26 pm

Andy, those images are 3840x2160. If your browser is scaling them down, they do look quite similar. If you view them pixel-for-pixel, there is a several pixel softening.

Sasha, your workflow works fine for me when my output resolution is equal or less than my monitor resolution. But this 3840x2160 project isnt behaving like it seems it should. I've made multiple new projects, multiple conforms, and dozens of renders, and it still is giving the results I've descrbed.


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Chris Martin
Re: Timeline Resolution vs Render Output Size
on Jul 8, 2012 at 4:00:06 am

Hey John,

What about keeping your timeline set to 1920x1080 with config set to scale image to fit monitor to grade. Then when it is time to render set timeline back to 3840x2160 and render out as 3840x2160. Since you're still at same aspect for you should be WYSIWYG on that front.

Cheers, Chris

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