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Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?

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Mel Matsuoka
Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?
on Jul 6, 2012 at 9:40:09 pm

I know we're on the cusp of Resolve 9, but I still have work to do on 8, and have been plagued by constant, but random Kernel Panics when running Resolve 8.2.1b3 on Mac OS X 10.7.4.

My system specs:

MacPro5,1 (2010 8-Core)
Dual Boot 10.6.8/10.7.4 (both booting to 64-bit kernel mode)
24 GB RAM (3 x 8GB from OWC)
Decklink 3D Extreme+
Decklink 9.5.3 drivers (though problems occurred w/earlier driver versions, as well)
NVIDIA Quadro4000 (GUI)
Dual NVIDIA GTX285s (GPUs, installed in external Cyclone PCIechassis)
NVIDIA drivers v270.00.00f06 (for 10.7.4)
CUDA 4.0.19
REDRocket 1.4.19 (installed in external Cyclone chassis)
Resolve 8.2.1b3

This same setup is very stable when I boot into Snow Leopard (10.6.8), but when I run under 10.7.4, I get random Kernel Panics when working in Resolve. The backtrace always seems to point at NVIDIA drivers as the cause of the KPs ("", "". As well as "", "", and "").

The reason why I am now suspecting the REDRocket (or RED footage in general) is that I graded a ProRes4444 based project all day yesterday under 10.7.4, without a single Kernel Panic. The majority of work I normally do is RED R3D based, so when I realized at the end of the day that I managed to fly all day without the plane crashing, the only thing I could deduce is that the REDRocket, or R3D footage in general may be the culprit of the instability under 10.7.4.

Normally I would just stick with what works in 10.6.8, but the annoying thing is that Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (which I am in the process of migrating to from FCP7) is extremely unstable on 10.6.8, yet fairly solid on 10.7.4.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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Sascha Haber
Re: Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?
on Jul 7, 2012 at 9:47:09 am

Never seen that before..
But I also tend to use the latest versions of everything around.
Most of your versions are outdated, starting with Resolve being out of beta now, CUDA much more advanced and so on.
I would advise to update all of that and then have another look.
If the problem persists, try to get rid of the rocket card and grade the exact same project in 8th res.
You need to work backwards by eliminating possible flaws , i think.

A slice of color...

DaVinci 8.2.1 OSX 10.7.2
MacPro 5.1 2x2,4 24GB
GTX 470 / Quadro 4000
Extreme 3D+

ICA Instructor

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Juan Salvo
Re: Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?
on Jul 8, 2012 at 5:47:55 am

I suspect your issue may have to do with the gtx285 not having enough video ram. Can you try setting the red raster to half res premium?
CUDA 4.2.10 seems fairly stable to me.

Colorist | Online Editor | Post Super | VFX Artist | BD Author

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Craig Harris
Re: Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?
on Jul 17, 2012 at 10:48:54 pm

Not sure if it's related...

I had a similar issue with ATI Radeon GUI card, 2 RedRockets, 2 Quadro 4000's and a GTX 285. My machine would actually Kernal panic when booting up. If I took one of the Red Rockets or the 285 out, it worked like a charm. As soon as I had all the cards in there, it would kernel panic.

When using either the nVidia 285's or 4800, the DaVinci configuration recommends that you use the nVidia GT 120 as the GUI card.

I replaced the ATI RDadeon HD 5770 with the GT 120 and the system worked with all other cards installed.

Not sure if this is the same problem, but maybe you could try putting a GT120 in there and see what happens.


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Mel Matsuoka
Re: Kernel Panics with RED/REDRocket & 8.2.1b3 on Lion?
on Sep 6, 2012 at 10:43:26 am

Late followup to this problem, but for the sake of our future children, I wanted to report that my Kernel Panic's were being caused by a "Revised" version of the Cyclone PCIe2-426 HBA card, which connects my external Cyclone 2707 PCIe chassis to the Mac Pro.

When I originally had problems running the Cyclone chassis with a 2008 MacPro3,1, the guys at Cyclone sent me a "revised" version of the HBA card, which supposedly had improved channel-switching from the original card that came with the unit. After grasping every available straw, I decided to see what would happen if I swapped out this "revised" (and ostensibly improved) PCIe2-426 card with the original card.

This absolutely did the trick. I still get the occasional Kernel Panic once a week or so, but nowhere near the multiple, random, daily KPs that I had before.

So it turns out "new" doesnt necessarily mean "improved"!

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