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flickering black frame on playback and render

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Anthony Jacoway
flickering black frame on playback and render
on Jun 14, 2012 at 3:46:15 pm

Hey guys, I am having this issue when playing back and rendering in resolve. I'll try to be as detailed and technical as possible.

I have a project that I edited in windows using Premiere cs6 and did an xml export to bring in to Resolve. The time base of the project 23.976. The project is mostly canon HDSLR, with a few Unconpressed 8-bit clips i rendered out because I used a mult camera sequence for my interviews, and Resolve will not read those.

I have 20 or so clips in resolve that when playing back in the color tab will flicker with a black frame. When the black frame appears there is no information in the Parade or the other in program scopes. When i say no information it looks as if the play head is over a gap in the timeline. The clips are referring back to the original source media in most instances, and in a few cases to the 8 bit uncompressed footage i rendered to allow a multi sequence to be imported in Resolve. Either way, both of these media flicker.

I have also included a youtube link to show the phenomena

When you go to the conform/media pool tab to look at the source footage in resolve it flickers, But when you look at them in explorer and play back the clip in quicktime, vlc, wmp, it plays back fine.

The only thing i can think of is the fact that I have 2 Geforce 560's with the SLI bridge Attached. The only thing i have not tried out is to disconnect the bridge. Ill try that when i get home. I have also disabled SLI in the NVIDIA control panel, Ive also used the other settings; maximize performance, and use all displays. So do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing this issue.

Here are my system specs.

Windows 7 sp1
Intel i5 2600k 3.3ghz (not overclocked)
Intel z67 chipset
16gb ram
2 Geforce 560 gtx (Non ti) Each has 1gb of memory
Nvida driver 301.42
cuda 4.2 - ill have to check if there are any other numbers after the .2 (ex 4.2.xx)

OS drive is 2 120gb Raid 0 SSD Drives
Project drive 3tb external Esata 7200rpm
Resolve Davinci Resolve Lite 8.2.1 b3


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Anish Prithviraj
Re: flickering black frame on playback and render
on Jun 18, 2012 at 4:36:53 am

Hi Anthony,

Open Resolve, playback the clip which flickers and capture logs (/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/ This will save a zipped log file on your desktop. Could you send a copy of that file to davincihelp (at)

Could you also confirm if this is only happening on the canon clips?


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Anthony Jacoway
Re: flickering black frame on playback and render
on Jun 18, 2012 at 5:11:20 am

Later on I did some testing. I opened the media files that were giving me issue on my windows pc, on my mac pro 1,1 (8800GT, X1900xt) and all the files played back correctly without any of the flicker in resolve.

Next I took off the sli bridge, video still flickers
Then I Took out a video card, same result.
Then I Installed my 8800gt from my mac in to my pc, Same result.
Next I re installed windows and ran my system with the two 560 gtx without the SLI Bridge, Same result.

I did find a solution. But let me explain.

All of the video files that flickered were shot using either a Canon 7D or a 60D, but I used Dual eyes to sync the audio. The difference between dual eyes and Plural eyes is that Dual eyes will create a new video file with the synced audio embedded in the new video track, where as plural eyes will sync the audio and video in side of an NLE and not touch the original file.

So all of the clips that flickered were processed from dual eyes.

I fixed the issue by re-linking the media in resolve with the original source media that was not processed by dual eyes.

But, as I mentioned this only happened on the PC, the Mac version worked flawlessly with the dual eyes processed footage.

Finally, I did have a few clips exhibit the flickering that originated from the uncompressed 422 8 bit codec in the quicktime container.

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Danai Chutinaton
Re: flickering black frame on playback and render
on Dec 11, 2012 at 7:13:06 pm

I just experience lots of random black frames in my export from Davinci Resolve 9.0.4 on windows. Got it to render correctly by disabling audio. Maybe you plural eyes clips would render properly if you had the audio disabled as well?

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