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Normally or Unscalled

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Javier Sanchez
Normally or Unscalled
on May 2, 2012 at 8:37:43 pm

Hi all
Getting some confusion here too many resolve suite on my facility with different monitors...
I have one main suite with we use to configure to unscaled monitor to work, but today i have receive a file from our telecine suite with i don't see same "look" as the telecine monitor, but if i set to normally scaled i have the same "look" (by look i just mean contrast)

On our facility i have a
HD Telecine with sony CRT
Resolve with panasonic 25,5
Resolve with flanders 23,4

My problem is i connect the Telecine to the CRT an clone to the Flanders i get the same "look" but when i capture an send to resolve (on unscaled monitoring) is less contrasted, so i have to set to normally scaled, to reach same levels of black.

Any idea why? if monitors have same image cloned why on capture i have to setup to scalled, when always we work on Unscalled.


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Kevin Cannon
Re: Normally or Unscalled
on May 2, 2012 at 9:29:46 pm

I hope I'm following correctly - It's quite possible that the picture data in the file is legally scaled (64-940 in 10-bit) but that Resolve is interpreting the file as if it were full-range. Because Resolve works internally in full range, it would NOT scale a file that it thinks is full-range, resulting in the flat look. When you change your monitoring, you are previewing what it would look like if it were scaled.

However, you don't want to make this change in the monitoring section, since your monitor is set up to accept a full-range signal. Try right-clicking on the file in the media pool and changing the "data level." It is probably set to "Auto" but you can manually change it to "legal" or "unscaled." Perhaps one or the other will force Resolve to interpret it the correct way...

And then ensure that you are not clipping - this is assuming that your telecine isn't giving you log or something like that and it's just a levels issue...


Prehistoric Digital

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Javier Sanchez
Re: Normally or Unscalled
on May 3, 2012 at 1:20:36 pm

Hi have talk to the senior colorist, and that is he use clipping mode on 2kplus so the image is normally scalled always. So i have to setup to normally level the file.

I have some issue now with all the test searching the problem, i have found that when we work on data range like always then i give to client the file and he reconnect on FCP7 the image is been interpreted to normally scaled which is less contrasted of what i did...

So... what should we do, if all the color we do after is going to be leveled...

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