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DCP/DCI/Barco 12C problem..

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Pete Posgaard
DCP/DCI/Barco 12C problem..
on Apr 15, 2012 at 7:51:20 am

I'm have some questions..

I've just bought a Resolve to use with my Barco 12c 2K DCi projector. I wasnt able to buy the Decklink 4K card with XYZ output, so i bought the Decklink HD extreme 3D and feeds the Barco with a duallink SDI signal..

First question:
I also have a ultrascope... is it possible to configure the descklink to output both duallink SDI(for the barco) and 3G SDI(for the ultrascope).. or is there any smarter way to monitor my signal on the ultrascope?

Second and most important question:
The Barco is set up according to DCI specs.. both on the internal signals and on the output from Resolve. Everythings looks good, but when i monitor the DCP(made from DPX output from Resolve and DCP created on Doremi DCP creator SW "CineAssent"), there is both gammashift and some desaturation.

And last question:
When I watch the Resolve output on the Barco 12C there is some kind of blacklevel problem. According to the Resolve internal scope, the black output is 100% black... or 0% black.. but it is not completely black on the Barco.
Can there be some kind of setting on the Decklink card or the Resolve that causing this problem?

Looking forward to hear from you guys.. this is my first ever post on Creative.


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Kevin Cannon
Re: DCP/DCI/Barco 12C problem..
on Apr 15, 2012 at 5:23:41 pm

Hi Peter,

As far as the Ultrascope, I hope that the answer will change by tomorrow... The ultrascope hasn't been updated in a while and cannot receive a 2K signal or even 444 HD signal (although it is 3G, the 3G is only taken advantage of for higher frame rates in HD). It would make sense that they would update it to support the same formats that the Decklink 4K outputs... unless they do, I think the only option would be a dual link > 3G multiplexer and SDI scaler... something to get a support signal to the ultrascope... I've never liked the idea myself. But there is no way to make the outputs on the decklink extreme 3d (or the 4K) output both 3G and Dual-link.

3rd question: In the video monitoring section of the config page, are you always working with the monitor output set to "full-range unscaled values"? If the config monitoring output is set to "legally scaled values" DaVinci will scale the blacks up to 64 and the whites down 940. It defaults to legally scaled values, which is convenient when monitoring with a broadcast monitor but your Barco preset is probably configured to expect full-range values. The Barco preset could also be set to expect legally scaled values, but more likely it would be set that way on the rec. 709 profiles.


Prehistoric Digital

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Mike Most
Re: DCP/DCI/Barco 12C problem..
on Apr 15, 2012 at 5:45:53 pm

As Kevin pointed out, HD video over SDI is defined as being SMPTE scaled for legal limits, but the DCP format is a full range format. You'll need to go through your setups for both grading and DCP creation, discover where the discrepancy is, and resolve it. (sorry for the pun....).

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