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Issues with Lock&Load and SliceX/TrackX in FCPX

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Peter Kesten
Issues with Lock&Load and SliceX/TrackX in FCPX
on Aug 12, 2014 at 8:46:11 pm


First, I am new to this forum, therefore: Hello to all!

Now for my issues with the two plugins:

Almost every time, when I apply this plugin to a clip in my timeline and render it afterwards, everything seems to be ok and the orange bar in the timeline (indicating non-rendered parts) disappears. When I then exit and restart FCPX, the orange bar is there again and I have to re-render.
When I say "almost every time" above, I mean, that I believe to remember, that I had a few cases, where this issue did not occur. But due to the fact, that I did so many tests with that, I am not sure. At least, I am not able to reproduce the situations, when it did not happen.
This does only happen to Lock&Load, all other effects I tested (included in FCPX nd third party) do not show this behavior, so I guess this is related to Lock&Load and not to FCPX.

SliceX/Track X
First issue:
When I apply any SliceX or TrackX effect or Generator to my timeline, whenever I start the tracking after setting the track shape, the first frames of the part are not tracked. This is easy to see, because when the plugin tracks, the skimming needle starts (when doing forward tracking) or ends (doing backwards tracking) some frames behind the plugins/generators first frame. After this, if I skim trough the clip/generator, I can see the tracking shape changing for every frame (which is ok), but when it comes to the first frames, it does not change. I hope, you understand, what I mean...

Second issue:
When I have applied a TrackX/SliceX plugin/generator to the timeline, adjusted everything and rendered the timeline, I can re-edit the track-shape, when I go back to this clip/generator.
When I close/reopen FCPX and try to reedit, after activating the clip/plugin the green outline does not correspond to the rendered result. Sometimes, the green outline does not even move, sometimes it is located at a completely different position and or with with a wrong outline.

All the bugs I described in this post happen on a fresh and clean install on my Computer. Just installed FCPX (10.9.2) and the latest version of the plugins available on your website. Mac OS 10.9.4. Almost no other effects installed, everything is still on factory settings (except render mode of FCPX which I changed to manual due to your request).

I am looking forward to your help.

Regards, Peter

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Eberhard Ammelt
Re: Issues with Lock&Load and SliceX/TrackX in FCPX
on Aug 13, 2014 at 8:17:22 am


regarding the Lock & Load issue I can send you a preliminary fix. Please send me your email address to eberhard (at)

I cannot reproduce the first SliceX / TrackX tracking issue. The playhead cursor is not a reliable indicator for this as it only jumps to the approx. clip frame which the tracker has just processed.

When you say "first frames", is this a constant number of frames which is not tracked? Does the same happen when you track backwards, or could this be related to the clip's in time?

Regarding the second issue, did you apply shape animation, either the shape spatial transformation or the shape's nodes in case of a polygon or bezier type shape?
Can you please check the system log for possible error messages from FCP X regarding this issue?

Regards, Eberhard

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