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Opinions: editors vs compositors vs color graders vs all-in-one's??

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Chris Lambright
Opinions: editors vs compositors vs color graders vs all-in-one's??
on Sep 2, 2016 at 6:10:09 am

I know this question gets asked in any number of variations (Miranda asked something similar a few posts ago but the answer didn't really help me), and I've read plenty of articles trying to figure it out and I can understand why it keeps getting asked. Just now I'm staring at Premier Pro, and NUKE, and the download page for Resolve, and I have a number of links open to discussion about all the NLE software options these days. Since I don't have eternity to learn them all and I need to get busy producing things, I'm curious what you experts are really using behind closed doors if you do it all yourself: editing, effects, compositing, etc?

(The longer version below...)
Fwiw, I've done almost everything on a computer from day one, so I appreciate when software makers design their interface so it makes sense to someone computer savvy. Because from the beginning I've wanted to learn what professionals were using, I looked first at Avid--but at the time it did not seem intuitive at all they way some others were, so I set it aside. Being a long time Photoshop user, I also looked at Premiere Pro, but the version back then also didn't seem to make sense. I finally tried Vegas Pro, which does seem to have been set up from the start to make sense to new users, and for a few years I've been extremely happy with Vegas's functionality, the plugins, etc. I could do almost everything in that one program. Unfortunately, it's market share among professionals seems to keep falling nowadays (at least in the articles I've seen and the pie charts they show), and I fear it will end up marginalized. So I'm having to rethink going forward.

That said, though I may end up working mainly on my own projects, I'd like to be able to hold my head up if I talk to other working professionals. These days, Premiere Pro looks very strong, and I'm trying it out and it's much more intuitive. Avid is still a bit of a headache and doesn't seem to shine in the reviews and comparisons I've seen in the past year. It is the industry standard, and I keep that in mind, but the world of filmmaking and production is changing rapidly and other programs are coming on strong, including Davinci Resolve. it seems a lot of what were previously 'editing' or 'compositing' or 'color grading' programs are becoming merged into all-in-one's. Resolve can now let you edit and whatever else, and you get the color grading, all in one program. But effects and compositing is something I also have to do...and The Foundry NUKE is big there. Now NUKE Studio has some editing/timeline capabilities in it. Premiere wants to connect strongly with After Effects and/or connect files with Photoshop, etc., which is great, but that means knowing and owning multiple separate programs and bouncing back and forth. I'm betting that fairly soon we're going to see the gamut of effects, compositing, grading, editing capabilities end up in one program. So...opinions?

If anyone understands what I'm talking about, I'd love to hear what program you're using, even if it's not what most people would think you're working with. Or, if it's impossible not to use two or three different ones, then which ones seem to get the most votes from insiders looking ahead. Thanks..

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