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resume reels lenth for doc. editors

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beth kidwell
resume reels lenth for doc. editors
on Feb 18, 2010 at 11:55:09 pm

i know resume reels are supposed to be realtively short...but as a long form/documentary editor i find it difficult to convey my talents with various styles in 3 minutes - right now my reel is about 9 minutes and consists of clips from 8 different projects. I have looked at other editors reels, and they seem to be just a montage of clips cut to edited music - i dont see how that conveys an editors talent for eliciting appropriate emotional responses, the pacing of a piece, and other elements that define a good editor. I would only use this particular reel for people looking for documentary editors....any thoughts would be appreciated.

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grinner hester
Re: resume reels lenth for doc. editors
on Feb 19, 2010 at 2:47:22 am

There are no rules and you should just make it feel right to you. This is how you'll get gigs YOU want. Make it what you think others are looking for and you'll always be doing work other people's way.

My online reel is less than 2 minutes. It's just bells n whistles and show NO story-telling talents at all. When entertaining longform, documentary, non-scripted or reality clientele, I send em to some shows I've done. I don't see that as lazy, I see it as cocky.

and that's the point.

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Juris Eksts
Re: resume reels lenth for doc. editors
on Feb 19, 2010 at 1:58:26 pm

I think that’s the problem with show reels!
You can show that you can cut well framed, sexy shots together to music, - that’s easy, but how do show that you’ve saved a programme from the camera person’s, director’s or contributor’s best efforts to spoil it?
How do you show that you’ve completed a show to a very tight deadline and budget? How can you convey that slow paced, sensitive piece in a 2 min fast moving reel?
How do you show the compromises you’ve negotiated between the producer, director and commissioning editor?
A large part of the work of an editor is to make that work invisible, so if it stands out, it has in some senses failed, but if it doesn’t stand out, you’re not going to put it in a show reel are you?
I think that if a show reel has to be made, then it has to be individually tailored for each interview or potential client, so I agree with Grinner, have a flashily cut trailer, but then take along whole programmes you’ve cut.
And word of mouth is the only way to convey how you’ve coped with all the problems of editing, - get people to talk to your previous clients.

My two pennies’ worth.


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Rocco Forte
Re: resume reels lenth for doc. editors
on Feb 21, 2010 at 10:47:22 pm

I made the transition from "showreel" to "samples of my work" a while back. I basically took many, many different clips and dumped them all on Vimeo (narrative, docs, music video etc). Then when I have to show my work, I send them three or four relevant links. That way only the doc producer gets doc links and the music video director gets music video links. In your case you might want to split your documentary clips up into "comedic" or "dramatic" or "stylish" (whatever works for you obviously). Then when Mr. Hip Hop documentary guy knocks on your door you email him only your stylish wham-bam edits, but for Ms. cancer documentary you send out links to your touching, heart felt clips. Whatever is relevant. Best of luck.

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