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some old skool for ya

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grinner hester
some old skool for ya
on Apr 14, 2008 at 4:05:55 am

holy cow.
I mentioned in an early thread that I have been travelling down memory lane. I'll start uploading these as a dig through the archives. Some things I don't even remember doin'.
One of my first movies. I bagan making stop-motion shorts in '84 with stuffed animals and a Quazar VHS camera.
This is some of my early 2D animation. lol Had to be around '92.
Then I tried my hand at claymation.
In '93, I was working at a station in Dallas that gave me a little creative freedom with their old film library:
In '94 a buddy of mine and I got really drunk, grabbed the camera and busted out a Kung Fu Theatre spoof that still cracks me up today. He'd move his lips as I shot and made up dialog, then he'd shoot me as I mouthed to whatever he made up on the fly.
not sure why I didn't bother to put pants on to shoot that one.

I met Nan in '95. One night we started drawing some weird lil dude on a piece of paper. I'd draw a bit then hand it to her and she'd take off on a whole new vision. This is one of those I mentioned not remembering making.
dude, I don't know.
It didn't take us long to make a baby. In '96 Tera Star was already makin' pictures.
and that Christmas, we sent this out as a card.

and thats just the first wave.
who knew converting VHS tapes to DVD could be so rewarding. I have literally been rolling video non-stop since '84. I have all the moves, the houses, the faces, the places.
quite a story in our lives when we sit down to watch.

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Kevin Dearing
Re: some old skool for ya
on May 2, 2008 at 6:54:23 pm

How funny!

"...One of my first movies. I bagan making stop-motion shorts in '84 with stuffed animals and a Quazar VHS camera..."

I did the same thing just 3 years later than you!

I was in college and had a shoot coming up the following morning so I had all of the gear at my apartment. I wasn't all that familiar with the gear so I decided to create a project to help me get familiar with it. Turned out to be a stop frame animation with my roomate's daughter's toys.

Since that took a while and it was like 3 am when I was done, I figured that I should stay up all night so I didn't blow my call time at the shoot. So I woke up my roomate and we did a spoof-mercial for a fictional product "OIC" (Out it comes) a super laxitive - "Works so fast you better be in the bathroom when you take it!" - kind of a play off of the Nyquil jokes... I had my professor do the voice over for it. Man that was fun. Too bad I didn't know how to white balance the camera at that point.

So I have one of these trips down memory lane coming up myself - lots of stuff on VHS - I still have some of my college stuff on 3/4" (I'll prob have to rent a player to get that converted actually I'll probably scrap that but hold onto the tape for nostalgic purposes - you know, to show the grand-kids). I've got scads of Hi-8 tapes all over the place that I want to burn to DVD.. I've also got a bunch of Beta SP tapes all over the place that I need to convert too.. Hopefully it won't cost me too much to do that.. But the Beta SP stuff I'd like to hold on to...

Anyway, thanks for sharing - I'll have a look at your stuff this weekend as I clean up my office a little!


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