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SO... Any thoughts on this years crop of Oscar noms ?

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Bob Bonniol
SO... Any thoughts on this years crop of Oscar noms ?
on Feb 11, 2007 at 3:23:11 am

For Film Editing:

Babel - Stephen Mirrione and Douglas Crise
Blood Diamond - Stephen Rosenblum
Children of Men - Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Cuaron
The Departed - Thelma Schoonmaker
United 93 - Clare Douglas, Chris Rouse, and Richard Pearson

Of these, I've seen Babel, which is pretty phenomenal, and I've seen The Departed which is bloody fantastic. The Departed really sees Scorsese firing on ALL cylinders again, fully recovered from Gangs of NY, and making films that have the power of Goodfellas. Of course Thelma is an old school MASTER, but damn she makes this movie MOVE.

Just a little off topic, in the Best Picture Catagory, if you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, do yourself a HUGE favor and see it. Truly one of the absolute best movies I have ever seen... Small, quirkey, stunning, HILARIOUS (I laughed so hard I wept through most of it... Literally almost peed my pants several times) and amazingly touching. Alan Arkin turns in a career defining perfomance. SO do they all really...

Thoughts ?


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Re: SO... Any thoughts on this years crop of Oscar noms ?
on Feb 11, 2007 at 3:38:08 pm

+1 for little miss sunshine. Awesome piece of film making in these bells n whistles times.
I ave no guesses for oscarsthis year. Havn't seen enough movies to know whats goin on.

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Re: SO... Any thoughts on this years crop of Oscar noms ?
on Feb 12, 2007 at 6:10:42 pm

For me Babel absolutely rocked. Beautifully tense and edgy. One of my favorite modern films. Take a look at that Mexican wedding scene again (if you can). I can't imagine how much footage they acquired for that; but it's assembled amazingly: it shows minute details while gliding through quite a number of hours (I was convinced something huge was gonna "happen" too - I was actually nervous watching. That's how you edit a thriller)... And don't even try to get me started on the Tokyo segment...

If I had to put money on it though, I'd say Thelma Schoonmaker will win for The Departed, if only because it'll win best film.

I feel like a renegade saying this, but I disliked Little Miss Sunshine - too slapstick for my taste ("BEEP BEEP" - enough already!). Funny in parts, very well acted but just "meh" for me - maybe I should go see it again. (One of my favorite trailers tho')

On a side note; if anyone saw the BAFTAS the other night it was a thrill seeing Anne Coates awarded their Academy Fellowship for her outstanding contribution to film. Its rare to see an editor in the limelight... (Oh yeah, and United 93 won the Bafta for best editing...)

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Re: SO... Any thoughts on this years crop of Oscar noms ?
on Feb 16, 2007 at 6:57:21 pm

I def feel I need to see Babel again. I watched it with some friends and felt it was very slow and didnt catch the real point. I mean i didnt feel it was strong in story and it kind of ended abruptly. Departed was unreal and Blood Diamond was very good as well. Children of men I thiought the camera work was brilliant and the cinematography was great but the story didnt really explainj itself as I had hoped it would . It left alot ot be desired. Little miss is a movie i know have to see.

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