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advanced editing techniques?

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advanced editing techniques?
on Feb 1, 2007 at 4:43:19 pm

Anyone know of a school or private trainer for advanced editing techniques? I'm an editor/after effects guy with 10 years of experience cutting promos, short-form docs and corporate. I'd like to learn some of the new techniques that you see in trailers; like glow effects, quick-cut montages, fast text effects and transitions.

Any training or websites you can recommend would be really helpful.


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Tim Kolb
Re: advanced editing techniques?
on Feb 7, 2007 at 2:32:29 am

This is a good question.

I don't know that I've seen any actual class on advanced editing. All the really good ones seem to be self-taught.

The compositing and FX stuff is out there...the Meyers (Chris and Trish) have some excellent material in that area.

I think I expand my editing skills everytime I get to handle some totally new type of material or project and I have to get out of my comfort zone. Editing an Indie feature where there is a director who is a little green yet can be a great experience...they don't know what "can't" be done.

Kolb Productions,

Creative Cow Host,

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Eric Lagerlof
Re: advanced editing techniques?
on Feb 10, 2007 at 7:37:52 am

Formal classes???? One good source of ideas is but a couple clicks away. Check out the Cow's Demo Reel section, especially Editors Reels. Some very good people with some inspring ideas. Download and watch-just realize there are different levels of 'good', but if you look for e'excellent' and 'wow' in the reactions to the reel you'll find some great stuff.

Agree with Tim, Chris & Trish's books are good for fx chops and inspiration. I've also seen a couple of good books on editing ; "Nonlinear Editing" from DV/CMP books is a good example of a book that looks at the craft and aesthetics instead of spending time on how to operate the software. If I remember the others I will post again. Some of the early film tomes on Montage Editing, some of the russian film theorists, etc. come to mind. Just can't remember titles.

I'm trying to expand my post skills as well and besides the above mentioned sources, taping and analyzing commercial spots, good documentaries, MTV bits are all possibilities, and design mamgazines, 'Communication Arts' (and not just the advertising/tv commercial editiion, but the illustration, photography and interactive editions as well) are all great sources. Not only for style, but for how to create/refine meaning in a visual presentation. (OK, I'll go now...)

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Re: advanced editing techniques?
on Feb 11, 2007 at 3:56:18 pm

the demo reel forum here on he cow can be inspiring. It sounds like you ned inspiration more than a class here. Search around the hottest ad agncy sites and look at reels. Then just pick em apart and find your own ways to apply what you have seen. Edgyness can't come from a class icomes from breaking riules once learned in a class. Jump cuts crushed blacks, glows on the beat... things me may have been told were wrong at one point hve to tossed outthe window.
Watch alot of MTV. You see cuts in the middle of dissolves, glows that cut on an ramp off, added garbage to what was pretty video at one point, and the 180 rule shatteed over and over again.
Play. pend tie in front of your machine off te clock o your own project. Funk it up. Createyour own custom tansitions combining filters nd masks, play with different glow combos and pend some time flaying some fast text. As soon as you start to develop your own look or style, change it all up drasticly. This keeps ya from gettin in a rut and will add more looks to your reel.
Also, when a client brings n something fro ESPN saying "Iwant this look exactly" don't just come close enogh to it to pasify em and don't try to talk em out ofit. Take it as a challenge to totally nail it. You'll find these pieces often windup being your favorite piece n your reel because they hae sch a different look than the stuff yo get to dream up on your own.
most of all, have fun.

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Chris Collins
Re: advanced editing techniques?
on Mar 21, 2007 at 9:13:05 am

I like to look at print ads and incorporate it into an edit session. I once told my wife 'hey, see that billboard for Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas? It has those boxes and colors and looks kinda, i'm gonna put that in my show tomorrow...'
voila. Its in my show now on vh1.

watch your world around you, be inspired and write things down, and then make yourself try something new to emulate it.


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