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defragging the brain

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defragging the brain
on Jan 13, 2007 at 12:52:00 am

Sometimes there is nothing like a good ole labor of love to free your mind and reguvinate some creativity.
Nancy got me a copy of Guitar Hero II for Christmas this year. If you havn't played it, it's the bombdiggity of all video games, ever, period. Straight up. Anyway, my 77 year old mother-in law came over and decided to tear it up. She began with Shout at the Devil then busted out with an interesting rendition of Messege in a Bottle. By the time she got to War Pigs, I had some HiDef rollin on the occasion:
Now, I already knew what I was gonna do with the footage. Helped to shoot it. I grabbed cutaways, close ups, swish pans and then later, my daughter shot some screenage while I shredded the same tune. Made for a blast of a video:

My point, other than have a great time with the people you love, is sometimes a project like this can help ya hop out of your seat and laugh after an edit. The reason we started doing this. Very motivational, inspiring, rewarding, uplifting and down right fun.
Cures lotsa burn out so unless your all grinnin' ear to ear all the time, grab ya some elements of something close to heart and mix em all up.

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mike velte
Re: defragging the brain
on Jan 13, 2007 at 9:28:46 pm

Guess I do too many memorial videos, because my first thoughts viewing your clips were what a precious insight into granny's personality. An insight that a box of old photos cant give.
I feel I know Granny a bit, more important, I like her!
While folks dont seem to mind loved ones snapping photos of them, few feel willing/comfortable to get in front of a camcorder and leave a video legacy of themselves.
Should not us video nuts be obligated to use our skills to archive memories of loved ones...memories that carry so much more impact than any box of photos put to DVD ever can?
I am as guilty as any of us could be.
If not now Grin, your clips WILL be priceless.

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mark harvey
Re: defragging the brain
on Jan 15, 2007 at 12:32:49 pm

Grinner, that was fun and brought a genuine smile to my face.

We picked up a Wii at Christmas and to see my inlaws and parents playing video games was also priceless. The icing on the cake being my 3 year old daughter winning at wii tennis (she just swings the remote around, but somehow it works). I have to say that I am addicted to bowling.....



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Re: defragging the brain
on Jan 16, 2007 at 10:02:04 am


All i can say is Granny rocks!!!

I think if i could pick holes that seeing her crowd surf the living room could have been the piece de resistance, but never the less its great.

Its true sometimes a pet project helps clear the head a little, but i often get fatigued at the thought of working when im supposed to not be. Guess i spend enough hours doing it for real.

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Charlie King
Re: defragging the brain
on Jan 17, 2007 at 5:20:09 pm

[AVID_CHUMP] "Guess i spend enough hours doing it for real"

I believe that is the key to many of us not getting into home videos. But is it only and excuse? I remember my sister commenting about me not ever owning a camcorder, being in teh industry, then she said but since daddy was a mechanic, ours was the only car in the neighborhood that had problems.

Grinner, you always seem to come up with things to make us all grin a little. That is why I like you so much. Hang in there buddy keep it going.


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Re: defragging the brain
on Jan 20, 2007 at 9:56:40 pm

you coo, Charlie.
I still make family home movies, man. It's how I got started and I still love it. I make a music video or two a year of my family. Butted together, they now run almost an hour long and I enter that in festivals sometimes as a documentary. It's funny cuz I always get contacted by somone explaining they have a music video catagory. Basicly telling me I'm not gonna win anything if I leave it in that catagory but by definition, it is just that. It's the story of my life in a nutshell.
Doesn't always work out good though, being the family vidiot. My brother got married a month or two ago. I was a best man, along with my dad so Nan shot while the ceremony was happenin. I shot everything else and spent close to 30 hours editing it. Dude watched it and had freakin revisions. What? you cant revise a free video can you? Isn't that like, a law or something?
I am hooknig the Avid up at home today. I stumbled across my very first camcorder. A Quasar VHS camera from 1984. I can't tell ya how many miles I have on this camera. I shot with it constantly until replacing it with an 8mm camera. It still works.
well, it powers up, anyway. I can't bring myself to trash it. Just too many memories.
silly, huh

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