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Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?

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Darcyana Moreno
Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 11, 2006 at 12:45:46 am

Hi, Where could I find pay scale for video editors that also provide motion graphics design services in the same job position?



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Shane Ross
Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 11, 2006 at 10:10:05 am

Information like this is never printed up or listed somewhere. You need to ask other editors in the area the do the same thing what their rates are. Hopefully they will share...but no one likes competition.


Littlefrog Post

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Mark Suszko
Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 11, 2006 at 3:44:24 pm

ITVA, which is now called MCA I think, takes annual surveys of people's jobs in corporate A/V and breaks down average annual salaries in a report that is available in full to members, and some of that info is put out in dribs and drabs thru the year in articles in their magazine. My subscription lapsed I guess, don't get AV/V mag anymore, or they changed the name and I'm not recognizing it anymore.

Shout-out to Ron L: these kinds of questions seem to come up a lot, and it might be a neat thing if the Cow offered a confidential poll on things like this and published the results from time to time, perhaps inyour magazine, nudge-nudge. You are already set up to take the data from us members. Just strip the personal data, and publish the job title, average amounts, highest and lowest, maybe something about the georgraphic region or market size. You can ask for it using ranges instead of specific amounts.Abstracts of that data might be useful for your advertisers to use.

Other questions I'd put on such a survey would include:

What make NLE do you use and how many?
What compositor do you use, if any?
What format do you take in and
What format do you put out?
What's the number-one item on your wish list ?

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tony salgado
Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 13, 2006 at 4:45:59 am

It is based on experience, talent skill and what the market will bare.

That said in a major market expect anywhere from $500- 1000 a day or higher.

Tony Salgado

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Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 14, 2006 at 10:33:17 pm

$1-$5000 per day in spot editing. depends on the ad agencies' perception of you. having a solid reel helps as well.

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Bob Bonniol
Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 14, 2006 at 10:56:38 pm

It's hard to say that you are in the 1 to 5k a day range if you aren't aware of the market value of edit/motion graphics... And let's all agree that a figure like that is pretty much limited to the upper 10% (perhaps generous) of the whole industry. I work with a whole gaggle of tremendous, well respected editors, working on major projects (music video, network broadcast stuff, etc) who don't make anywhere near that. A know a very few who do, but I can tick them off on one hand, and they all live in LA.

The broad middle of the market, folks who are working in the local/regional broadcast market, in most music video, and in project/event/corporate video seem to get billed out at between $50 and $175 an hour. Notice I say "billed out". Some of them are freelancers who keep it all. Others take on projects for flat fees, maybe they are producer/editors "preditors" who get, say, 10k to concept/shoot/edit/composite and deliver a finished piece... And when you work out the hours they might be putting in, you may find it works out to a figure of like $30 an hour.

If you are an independent here's the most important thing to figure out: How much does it cost you to work ? If you have a space, figure in rent, lease/purchase costs on gear amortized, insurance, transportation/gas, expendables, internet connection, and software/stock. That's a good place to start. Now, take that figure, added up for a years worth, and divide by 355 (let's assume you want some days off). Now divide again by 8. Now you have your C.O.B. (cost of doing business). Thats the hourly it takes to just make the bills. Now add 1/3 that amount back in (because EVERYTHING costs more than you think it does). Now you want some profit too, right ? OK, so add another 15 to 20%. For me, this hourly break even comes out to around $70 an hour. For me to make money to buy groceries and pay for my car, go on a date with my wife, buy a toy for my son, I need to make more than the C.O.B. So I add 50% to make all that AND put some away for a rainy day. As it turns out, my rate 'billed out' is around $200 an hour. I work at a farily high stratum of the entertainment industry, with clients that can bear that.

I've got editors working for me, young dudes just starting out, that I'm paying about $25 an hour, with benefits. And they are psyche'd to have the full time gig, I can tell you. This is in the seattle market. It costs me about $55 an hour to have them here (they're salary, plus the cost of benefits, plus payroll taxes, disability etc). SO I bill them out at around $75 an hour to make some dough for the business.

So what you can take away from that, is if you get a gig with a small/medium shop in a secondary or tertiary market, your salary range might be between $25 and $35 an hour. If you are a big name with a smoking reel full of national spots or big time shows, then you can jump up to $100 an hour on up to anything you can imagine... But thats a rarity.

Hope that's helpful.


MODE Studios
Contributing Editor, Entertainment Design Magazine
Art of the Edit Forum Leader
Live & Stage Event Forum Leader
HD Forum Leader

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Re: Salary Scale for Editor/Motion graphics designer?
on Oct 16, 2006 at 6:56:12 pm

it was $1.00 (one dallar) - $5,000.00 per day. not $1k-$5k. totally depends on what agencies think you are worth. If they want Hank Corwin to cut a spot, it's going to cut bank. if you want your nephew to do it, then it could be for free.

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Doctor 4:4:4, MD
Salary Scale for Online Editor?
on Oct 20, 2006 at 8:04:29 am

Anyone have insight on this range for Online Editors?

I know i am currently getting very, lets just politely say, under paid by the company i am working for... given we are still in the process of expanding our online force, but these are spots done for major ad agencies, and otherwise they would be paying huge bank to the highest end and expensive finishing companies... i think im about to hit that mark where im not going to stand idle for my current wage, considering they are making very decent money off of my talents....(and this all started because i am the only one with the skillset and eye for it in the entire company.)

love what im doing and who i work for, but money is evil... and if any bitterness i might feel could be a very very bad thing for moral, and the quality of my performance.

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Re: Salary Scale for Online Editor?
on Oct 20, 2006 at 2:10:09 pm

if there is another shop in town, start shopping. obviously if you stay, it's going to make you bitter. it's hard to go to an existing boss and demand more money without another option. if you are a big part of their revenue, they will make it worth your/their while to keep you. or maybe the other shop makes you a great offer? curious, are you a flame/inferno/smoke artist?

good luck.

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