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Streaming TV Shows 2018

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Mike Cohen
Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 28, 2018 at 6:28:39 pm

As many of us know streaming services now have a lot of original programming. Some is original content at least partially funded by Netflix, Amazon or Huluever, while some is from BBC or other non-US studios and is exclusively distributed on streaming services. In some cases shows have already been on PBS or other tv channels.

Anyway, we like British crime shows. They tend to have shorter seasons and they quite while they are still good. Kudos to the producers of CSI but I find it hard to believe New Orleans and Miami have so many murders!

Here are a few shows we have watched recently:



A pizza delivery driver is gunned down after delivering his order. The female detective who investigates and her partner uncover a twisting and turning plot and conspiracies. Not to give much away, but MI5 is involved and it is a satisfying conclusion. At only 4 episodes you could watch this in one sitting.

The Fall

Gillian Anderson plays a detective tracking a serial killer in Belfast. I had to look it up, but Anderson is half English and can turn her accent on and off. 3 seasons. Some parts are slow but there is some great intrigue and like most tv detectives, Scully has some demons of her own that can interfere with the case.


A police detective and his female partner investigate a case. His partner is an actress who seems to show up in many British tv shows - Nicola Walker. She is in a few of the shows I list here. I won't say more but you'll thank me.



A lawyer who takes cases of migrants and refugees reopens the case of a man sent to jail for murdering a teenage girl. The guy confessed to the murder but claims he is innocent. I really can't say more without revealing some of the unexpected places the story goes. The letters A, C and I may be involved, in no particular order! It is 6 episodes and a great watch.

There are more but these should get you started.


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Jeff Pulera
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 28, 2018 at 8:24:20 pm

Hi Mike,

Good list, have seen most of those.

Check out "Broadchurch" on Amazon, a British police drama with 3 seasons.

"The Tunnel" is another one I've enjoyed



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Mike Cohen
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 28, 2018 at 8:35:33 pm

[Jeff Pulera] "Check out "Broadchurch" on Amazon, a British police drama with 3 seasons.

Thanks, we have watched Broadchurch which is very well made. Nice to see that David Tennant has taken on some good roles after Doctor Who. So many actors get stuck playing the same type of character after such an iconic role.

I thought that Series 3 of Broadchurch was better than 2 and sort of wrapped up several plot lines.

We watched the American version, Gracepoint, which also has Tennant as his same character. I found it difficult to watch the same story with mostly different actors. This happened with another show which had both a French and US version.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 28, 2018 at 9:10:33 pm

"Patriot" is a show I discovered thru a mention on the COW, and Kurtwood Smith is awesome in it.

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Scott Roberts
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 28, 2018 at 11:04:35 pm

I have a couple of streaming shows that I'm late to the game on, that came out last year (I think?), or might have been early this year? I have no idea. Well, I finally watched them.


This is about the FBI creating a psychological profiling division in the 1970s. It's almost a 100% dialogue driven show, where the agents interview real life serial killers (written in semi-fictitious ways). Good character development. David Fincher had his hand on a lot of it, and even directed four of the episodes. My wife gave up on it after the first episode, but I stuck with it and enjoyed it plenty. Gotta sit through some disturbing stuff, though, FYI.


This was just top notch cinematic quality television. It's about a future American dystopia where women are basically treated as objects for men in power, and used to help the rich procreate when their wives become infertile. It's a pretty scary prediction of our future, that plays off of some of our more shameful elements/people of our society in the present.


Hey, this one is actually new! I'm four episodes deep in this six part series, and it is nuuuuuuts. It's a documentary about a real life cult that moved from India to Oregon in the 1980s, and the events that occur are too freakin' crazy to explain in any short summary. Every episode is more bananas than the one before it. I'm really excited to see how it ends.

GLOW (Netflix)

This a comedy show from the Orange is the New Black folks (I think) about this real life show called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in the 80s. It's pretty funny. Alison Brie is good in it. Much like Orange is the New Black, the (many) supporting characters range from "this should be a main character" to "please cut from the show".

In my queue of other things that people tell me I should watch but haven't gotten around to yet:

the rest of BLACK MIRROR that I haven't watched yet

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Jeff Pulera
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Mar 29, 2018 at 6:48:51 pm

ALTERED CARBON - didn't get past first episode, too "steam punk" for this old man!

STRANGER THINGS 2 - enjoyed original, didn't make it through this one but will revisit and try some more I guess.

OZARK - I liked it!! The dry humor of Jason Bateman...

THE KEEPERS - didn't hear of

the rest of BLACK MIRROR that I haven't watched yet - good stuff!!!

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Carly Swinson
Re: Streaming TV Shows 2018
on Sep 11, 2018 at 4:28:13 am

Didn't watch Ozark yet, and the second season of Stranger Things. What is Keepers i don't know but the Altered Carbon is one masterpiece and Black Mirror as as good as it is bizarre.

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