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Thor: Ragnarok, aka The Revengers

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Tim Wilson
Thor: Ragnarok, aka The Revengers
on Oct 20, 2017 at 5:49:53 am

I wouldn't normally be going here just yet, but having already started talking about it on the Spider-Man thread, I thought I'd note that we're still a couple of weeks away from opening day, but the current score at Rotten Tomatoes is 98% Fresh!!! That represents 42 Fresh out of 43 reviews, with an average score of 7.8 -- far from the 300+ we'll have by opening day, but enough for a statistically significant start.

For reference, this compares to 92% for both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman (both of which an average grade of 7.6), and 82% for GoTG2 (avg grade: 7.1). So while it seems unlikely that the 98% will hold up over time, the average score suggests that it might still come out ahead of both Spidey and Wonder Woman.

I've read a number of reviews, but the one that landed closest to what I've been thinking is the one from IndieWire, which, naturally enough, plays up the indie roots of director-actor-writer Taika Waititi.

Marvel’s Funniest Superhero Movie Is a Dazzling Buddy Comedy That Doesn’t Need the Extra Drama
Taika Waititi directs this lively and hilarious entry in Marvel's EU, where plot is practically irrelevant to the fun.

Some excerpts:

....the energetic spark that director Taika Waititi brings to the third “Thor” movie, which injects more overt comedy to Marvel’s sprawling expanded universe than ever before. That should come as no surprise: The Kiwi director’s vampire mockumentary “What We Do In the Shadows” and last year’s “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” illustrate his penchant for comic timing and a geeky sensibility that allows him to turn genre tropes inside out, with an infectious silliness that’s both self-aware and grounded in genuine pathos.

The reviewer, Eric Kohn, gives us a nice plot overview that makes the point repeatedly that the plot really isn't the point, and indeed, the movie doesn't do much of anything to advance the agenda or storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole, which is fine by me.


All good things must come to an end, and in Marvel movies, the end always looks the same. “Thor: Ragnarok” zips along through its middle section before receding to a dramatic showdown where massive things catch fire and huge armies of people clash in an epic battle, which by now has become an essential ritual.

[....] But if this [film] is fated to hurtle towards another crammed showdown, at least “Thor: Ragnarok” throws a raucous party on the way to blockbuster inevitability.

At last! Someone who calls out the waste-of-time finales! I think the first time I publicly made the suggestion that Marvel should just paste in one fight sequence to all the movies and stop spending time and money trying to convince us that any of these fights are different or relevant was on the first Thor movie, where the final fight scene very nearly sucked all the joy out of the proceedings altogether.

I'm glad to hear from somebody who finds these tedious that the good feelings from the majority of the movie are enough to carry the good feelings past the boring fight at the end. Not that this is faint praise. I think that that's a major accomplishment. It also sounds like Marvel has achieved their goal of injecting a new kind of energy by bringing in an indie director -- a dynamic that worked wonders with Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman, and the trailers seem to indicate is working in Black Panther's favor under Ryan Coogler's hand.

Anyway, I know you've seen the trailers, but a lot of you smarty-pants cord-cutting types have stopped watching traditional TV, so you're missing some fantastic, high-energy commercials.

This one starts with another spot, and continues into a very action-oriented trailer...and STILL some of the bois ine comments are complaining that there are too many jokes. I have no idea what I was doing looking at the comments, so I'll spare you that, and simply embed it here.

I'm really REALLY looking forward to this!

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Tim Wilson
Re: Thor: Ragnarok, aka The Revengers
on Oct 23, 2017 at 5:27:24 am

This clip just went up -- hilarious! My wife observes that this really shows off the extent to which the skills of both of these actors have been sorely underused. I couldn't agree more. These characters could have been so much more than they have been, and I'm glad that there are signs that we'll be seeing these guys blossom.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Thor: Ragnarok, aka The Revengers
on Nov 8, 2017 at 6:38:42 am

Saw Thor 3 Tuesday night.

Loved the Mark Mothersbaugh sound track. Was depressed my daughter didn't know what DEVO was.

This was rollicking fun from the first scene; most of the jokes worked really well, and the comedic timing of Ruffalo really helps. Enjoyed Sir Aint'ny pretending to be Loki pretending to be Odin. Goldblum was a riot. Cumberbatch was also amusing,and seemed to be uncredited?

I liked how the art direction tried to echo Kirby's design sense in so many places and little details.

I would say they pushed the edge of the comedy thing, and the next one should probably pull back a wee bit.

Did you know the blue rock guy is played by the actual director? His kiwi-sounding accent and attitude really stole the scenes he was in.

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Stephen Smith
Re: Thor: Ragnarok, aka The Revengers
on Mar 22, 2018 at 7:09:51 pm

Thor: Ragnarok, aka Thor got a haircut and now looks more like me!

I hated Thor 2, hated it! This movie makes up for that big time. I thought it had a great blend of humor and action. I thought the new supporting actor team was much more enjoyable then Thors group of friends that Honest Trailers pointed out that you can't name any of them. If you haven't seen Thor 3 it is a must.

Stephen Smith

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