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Doctor Strange

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Mark Suszko
Doctor Strange
on Nov 6, 2016 at 1:01:22 am
Last Edited By Mark Suszko on Nov 7, 2016 at 2:55:39 pm

Doctor Strange was very good. It's like they were able to visualize everything Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby tried to convey about a Multiverse - but couldn't do in just 4 colors, on 2-d paper. The trippy journey we take is well past what you experienced in "2001", and though this is a 2-d to 3-d conversion, I promise you you're going to want the extra money for the 3-D glasses for this. The cosmic travels of Doctor Strange really are mind-blowers, and for those of you who dabble in psycho-chemistry, this is the PERFECT movie for you. But, aside from stunning art and effects, there's a good, easy-to-follow STORY there, and enough character development to make you care where the story goes. It's an Origin Story movie, which is needed for a Marvel Character that not that many people know much about. If you see parallels to the first Iron man movie, that's not a surprise... Doctor Strange is basically a magical/mystical version of the same story, and the two characters have looked so similar over the years that it's the basis of a lot of jokes in the comics world.

some time later... when Doc S saves Tony...

Benedict Bumbershoot is the most perfect person to take this role, just as Downey Junior was for Iron Man. The movie does not disappoint, and lays a clear foundation for the sequel. The expected training montages are well-crafted, move along quickly, and are spiced with little humorous touches. The supporting characters do a lot with a small amount of dialog. The controversial casting of Tilda Swinton works very well, and she handled the job as well as any actor I can think of for the role. The now obligatory in-credits sneak peek is not at the end of the credits, but just a moments along. The second sneak peak after the credits sets up the sequel.

Interesting marketing gag at my AMC theatre; during the "know where your exit is and shut up /get off your phone" pre-movie announcements, the film was interrupted multiple times by flash, subliminal pop-up shots from "Ghost In The Shell" - kind of like you were experiencing momentary flashbacks or bursts of an interfering transmission over your desired programming. I'm sure some in the audience did not know what was going on, but I'm excited to see GITS, the movie.

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Scott Roberts
Re: Doctor Strange
on Nov 15, 2016 at 12:29:49 am

Oops, I'm sorry Mark! I didn't see that you already posted a Dr. Strange review in the forum... I didn't mean to double review post! I'll just copy my quick blurb here below as well, in addition to agreeing with you that the 3D was legit good for this movie, and that comic screenshot made me laugh pretty good.

Anyway, here's what I wrote in the other post:

It was a two-hour movie that felt like it was only 90 minutes, so I give it a ton of credit in the entertainment department. I could watch the crazy visual madness of the action scenes all day. Cumberbumble did about as good a job as he could do in the role, playing Tony Stark 2.0. Probably 95% of the characters in this movie are pretty solid, including the sidekick character played by an actor also named Benedict.

Where it lost me was on two things... 1) I think it was definitely fake smart. I'm not sure everything that happened or the plot points that occurred made total sense? But they were presented in such a rad way that it was kinda hard to complain too much, and any criticism of that was met with "don't believe anything you currently know" kind of dialogue. Maybe I need to watch it again, but a lot of it felt like it was being made up as it went along. And then 2) was Rachel McAdams' character the most underwritten female character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or just top 3? I think there was a point about 80 minutes in when her character literally just disappears from the story and never comes back.

Long story short; it's certainly entertaining, but definitely far from perfect. I do wish I could move the foundation of reality with the flick of a wrist so I didn't have to walk up the stairs in our house to use the bathroom when I'm in the basement.

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