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Bat Supes

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Mark Suszko
Bat Supes
on Mar 27, 2016 at 7:19:26 pm
Last Edited By Mark Suszko on Mar 28, 2016 at 4:53:04 pm

Saw Batman v Superman: not terrible. Affleck did a good, graphic-novel-styled Batman. Not at all the predicted disaster as Batman. That wasn't the problem. Lex Luthor's dialogue was a hot mess, though he did what he could with it... and there are more plot holes than there are colors of Kryptonite, it's generally all very dark and brooding, but overall, entertaining, just not an oscar-winning runaway hit. Larry Fishburne's role was terrible, not Larry's fault. Minimal use of Wonder Woman, could have used more. Literally just a few seconds of Flash and Aquaman. The Batman subplot was detailed enough to deserve it's own movie.They tried to cram a TV season's worth of stuff into a bit over 2 hours, so of course, the seams bulge a little here and there. And they didn't really have time to finish it properly, instead, picking an awful tease (though appropriate for Easter Weekend), to tease the next sequel with. Saw it in RealD 3-d and thought the projection was very weak and the 3-d unimpressive: save money and see it in 2- D, no loss. My biggest issue with the plot was there are several points where characters are acting on knowledge that we as the audience know they don't yet have. It's like those key moments were cut for time because the director and editor knew the story line too well and assumed those bits were superfluous. You can get too familiar with the work if you go over it too many times in a row, and you then start to not see problems that would be more obvious to a first-time watcher.

I think the reviews have been too harsh, but that's what you get for being too ambitious and raising expectations so high.

Hysterical preview trailer for the Lego Batman Movie preceded this film, I laughed out loud several times. Have not found it online yet, so no link.

Wait... found it:

And a fun visual pun:

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Scott Roberts
Re: Bat Supes
on Mar 28, 2016 at 8:42:41 pm

Wow, that sad Ben Affleck video was amazing, haha! Thank you very much for sharing that.

Much like you, and a lot of of America, I also spent part of my Easter weekend seeing the epic battle of Batman V Superman. And much like my stomach after that turkey and ham dinner from Sunday night, it was bloated and frowney. So rather than try to make sense of what I saw, I'll just rank all of the people I can remember who appeared in it, which might be all of them, or it might only be 75% of them. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone; I did see it four days ago, at 10 PM. When I got out of the screening, I think it actually was dawn! It's a long movie.

Also, I don't know most of the character names, so don't get upset if I just say" Laurence Fishburne's newspaper guy."

And one last thing... we will now be entering A SPOILER ZONE. So maybe don't read this if you have plans on seeing this movie. Your call, really. Now it's a battle in your mind of Boredom V Curiosity.


Let me just give a quick list of reasons why he's number one:

-He's probably the only developed, and most interesting character in the whole movie.
-That scene when he's working out was amazing in a dumb Rocky montage kind of way. You're telling me that you don't want to see bro'd out, juiced up Batman lifting car tires? You shouldn't have bought a ticket then.
-He murders people now.
-He's kind of a psycho. HOW IT SHOULD BE.


Even though the first two-thirds of the movie was basically just her being Catwoman from Dark Knight Rises, she eventually becomes awesome, and her fight scene was pretty cool. And the implied backstory based on that photograph B-Man finds of her instantly made me wish I was just watching a Guardians of the Galaxy type movie about her crew beating people up in random time periods, instead of the movie I was actually watching.


Even as a lifeless corpse, Michael Shannon made me fear for my life. They should sell Michael Shannon dummies that you can put in your window to deter people from robbing your house.


I honestly had no idea that Jeremy Irons was in this movie beforehand. A welcome surprise!


I guess where now at the point when #corporatesynergy and #brandawareness has evolved so that we need to have a five-minute scene in the middle of a 2 and 1/2 hour movie that just lets people know about all of the neat stuff they have in the works. If you were sickened by Star Wars' fan service, then I don't know what you think about this? Are you still alive, even? ...Regardless of all that, though... I kind of thought that it was something more interesting to look at than what was actually happening in the BvS's plot at the time.


You've seen him in at least a dozen other superhero movies, but you can't go wrong with a sub-boss bad guy with no personality from another country that barely talks and just shoots things. He's an essential character to put in your comic book screenplays at this point. And I realize that is a screenshot from Captain America, but it's the same actor in the middle because HE PLAYED BASICALLY THE SAME PART IN THAT MOVIE TOO.


About two hours into the movie, I made an observation that I had not smiled once during the entire thing. Did Martha have the only joke in the entire movie? Damn, this was a gloomy film.


I guess I liked that he had a cool fight scene. But he loses points for the awful character design, which just looked like a rip off of a cave troll from Lord of the Rings, or Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. He even looks like one of the new Ninja Turtles! Slap a mask on him, you'll see. I don't know, do something different, guy.


I like all of the philosophical elements *surrounding* Superman. I like the argument everyone else has to make on his behalf about his place in the world. But Superman himself? He's boring.


95% pointless. 100% welcome. Couldn't find a picture of it on the internet.


I remember the bathtub scene and the Middle East scene. Oh yeah, and also that she found the staff at the end. Aside from that, I remember nothing else Lois Lane did in this movie.


This character was actually kind of interesting, but wasn't fleshed out enough (or at all). The jar of pee scene was pretty good, though.


Very annoying character. He's obnoxious literally the entire movie. Every single scene. And he gets dropped down even further because of the obligatory head shave at the end. Who didn't see that coming? I would have given this movie a full letter grade higher if they had the restraint to not shoehorn the head shaving scene in there. And someone in the audience actually had the audacity to chuckle LOUDLY when it happened, like it was a freakin' Stan Lee cameo or something. For shame. Foooooorrrrrr shaaaaaame.


Why don't they just stop going down that alleyway?


I waited the entire time for her to do something cool, AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Disappointed.


I get why he was angry, but this guy totally sucked.


Poor man's J. Jonah Jameson. I don't remember much from Man of Steel, but wasn't he a more reasonable dude in that movie? He's a total turd in this movie.


I originally intended on going to a regular screening on Thursday night, but when I got to the theater, it was sold out. So I opted for the 3D showing that was at the same time, even though I didn't really want to pay extra. I asked the box office cashier "Hey, is that one crowded too, I don't want to sit in the front?" And he said "No, actually there are 214 seats still available." 2D sold out. 3D had 214 seats left. If that's not a perfect representation of the public's opinion on 3D, I don't know what is? Anyway, I agree with Mark, the 3D wasn't even good, and the projection looked blurry and I saw double images a bunch of times. Go away, 3D. For real.


I know she only appeared on a TV for about five seconds, and had one line, but I still really don't like the idea that she got paid money to appear in this movie.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Bat Supes
on Mar 28, 2016 at 10:11:53 pm

Nancy Grace WAS Doomsday:-)

The flying aliens and the dream sequence Bruce has about them is supposed to foreshadow the next movie's Big Bad villain, The DC Comics version of Thanos in Marvel comics, named DarkSeid. The aliens are Darkseid's flying monkeys. Luthor implies that the existence of Earth and Superman has been broadcast into the void, to draw other villains to Earth. Might have been nice to, you know, SHOW THAT IN THE MOVIE, instead of recapping YET AGAIN the BATMAN ORIGIN STORY> In the name of Simon an Shuster, is there a living soul on the planet now who doesn't know Batman's origin story?????

At one point, it's not certain if Bruce is dreaming or if the Flash is time-traveling to warn him about Lois.

DC's problem here is mostly that instead of building a continuity of characters and plot lines across multiple movies over several years, they put all the characters and all the plots in ONE movie, in a blender.

You're asking too much of one movie to deliver here. There was material here for two-three movies, which would have been BETTER movies, if done that way. But DC wants shareholder value and to make a big killing in one stroke, because hey, movie execs have the career lifespan of a mayfly anyhow, so they don't do long-term planning.

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