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67th Emmy Awards Notes

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Scott Roberts
67th Emmy Awards Notes
on Sep 21, 2015 at 6:36:45 pm

Just crapping out some 2015 Emmy blurbs as I watch it...

-Opening video segment was pretty good, but basically just a rehash of Sandberg's SNL digital short "Great Day", but with less cocaine.

-SUCK IT BOOKS made me laugh.

-Solid True Detective burn in the monologue. That second season was... uh... not very good...

-The first whole bunch of awards for comedy just got a "Ok, whatever, I'm not *mad* about that" response out of me. Sure, I would have rather seen other people win, but these aren't, like, *bad* choices, I guess.

-I think there might be something even worse than outrage at crappy people winning... It's the indifference of seeing a bunch of people win for a show that I hear is good but have never watched. #Transparent #gettingbored

-Poor Amy Poehler.

-Fast forwarding through The Voice reality win speech, the accountants for the Emmys bit, and this win for whatever Olive Kitteridge is. Let me know if I missed anything good.

-The HBO Go password joke was pretty good. I wonder if he'll get crap for that? (if it's real)

-The trend shall continue, anything Olive Kitteridge related will be fast forwarded through.

-Liev Schreiber did NOT want to be there.

-The only interesting win for Olive Kitteridge was Bill Murray winning supporting actor, and he didn't even show up. Oh well!

-American Horror Story: Freak Show sure got a lot of nominations for something I regrettably watched all of and didn't end up liking very much. Man, it was tedious. I'm definitely not getting tricked into watching AHS: Hotel.

-Haha, the red carpet metal detector bit was so stupid and pretty funny.

-Lady Gaga wears nothing flashy for once; also has boring stage presence.

-More Olive Kitteridge. I do like Richard Jenkins, though. Maybe I should just watch this stupid thing? What is it even?

-They just did an In Memoriam for shows themselves... Sure, I guess? (And they threw in a huge spoiler for anyone still catching up on Boardwalk Empire)

-Variety Writing intros are always great.

-"Thank you very much, you will never have to see me again." -Pretty funny closer to Jon Stewart's final Daily Show Emmy win.

-I noticed they seating all the Orange is the New Black people kinda far back in the audience.

-I forgot Homeland was still a thing until right now. Glad I got out of that. Also, unrelated, The Knick is awesome and you all should watch it, and it didn't get nominated enough.

-I gave up on Mad Men midway through season 3, but I'm happy for Jon Hamm. He seems cool. Kind of a boring speech, though.

-Wow, that was great, emotional, and surprising to see Tracy Morgan.

-Hey, I'm cool with all these major Game of Thrones wins. It's a great show, and this last season was bananas. So, yeah. Good stuff.

-Overall, I don't think there was a single award that I was *upset* about. But a lot of stuff won for things that I don't watch. Makes for kind of a boring show, for me personally. But some decent jokes were scattered about or whatever. It definitely was an awards show. Can't argue that. Not better or worse than most others. At least Modern Family and Big Bang Theory finally went home empty handed for once!

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Jeff Breuer
Re: 67th Emmy Awards Notes
on Sep 22, 2015 at 3:22:14 pm

I missed the Emmy's this year, but recently saw this great clip on Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on the Emmy's. That's how it's done!

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Mark Suszko
Re: 67th Emmy Awards Notes
on Sep 22, 2015 at 3:48:25 pm

Tim Kanye?

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