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Top Films of the Year Lists?

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Scott Roberts
Top Films of the Year Lists?
on Dec 24, 2014 at 5:47:44 pm

Hey, now is as good a time as any to ask if anyone wants to share their "top films of the year" lists? You can share your top 10, top 5, top whatever! If you've only seen two movies this year, tell us which one is better! I'm kind of a glutton, so I'll go with my top 20:

20. Cheap Thrills
19. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
18. Locke
17. Interstellar
16. The Grand Budapest Hotel
15. The Lego Movie
14. All This Mayhem
13. X-Men: Days of Future Past
12. 22 Jump Street
11. Fury
10. Big Hero 6
9. They Came Together
8. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
7. Why Don't You Play in Hell?
6. Snowpiercer (sorry Tim)
5. Nightcrawler
4. Gone Girl
3. Whiplash
2. Birdman
1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Hey, since this is the TV & Movie Appreciation Forum, here's my top 15 TV shows of the year too! Woo hoo!

15. The Strain (FX)
14. South Park (Comedy Central)
13. America's Funniest Home Videos (SO...?) (ABC)
12. Fargo (FX)
11. Nathan For You (Comedy Central)
10. Parks and Rec (NBC)
9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
8. Last Week Tonight (HBO)
7. The Leftovers (HBO)
6. Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
5. Silicon Valley (HBO)
4. The Knick (Cinemax)
3. True Detective (HBO)
2. Game of Thrones (HBO)
1. Rick and Morty (Cartoon Network)

And here's my five favorite restaurants of the year!

5. (just kidding)

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Kylee Peña
Re: Top Films of the Year Lists?
on Dec 25, 2014 at 3:00:28 am
Last Edited By Kylee Peña on Dec 25, 2014 at 3:09:54 am

I don't feel like I've seen enough movies this year to make a top ten list. I'm generally seeing them too late and then I can't remember if it was this year or last year or what. But Birdman is definitely my top film so far. Interstellar would be on the list probably. Uh. I didn't like The Lego Movie. Guardians of the Galaxy was boring. Mockingjay was sufficient. My to-watch list includes Boyhood, The Babadook, Whiplash, Imitation Game, Nightcrawler, Snowpiercer, Wild, Gone Girl, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, and I dunno anything else.

Anyway, TV, I can do that!

11. Orange is the New Black (Probably more enjoyable than season 1.)
10. Fargo (It was just a good miniseries with some good characters.)
9. Mad Men (Would probably rank higher if AMC hadn't decided to split the season just when all the slow burning pieces were coming together.)
8. Veep (Almost always hilarious to me from start to finish. The scene in the bathroom with Tony Hale is worth the rest of the series.)
7. Walking Dead (I recently caught up on this and I'm dumb for not watching it sooner because it got hella dark.)
6. Louie (it is ridiculous how great the writing on this show is, I can't even.)
5. True Detective (I really wasn't feeling this show at first, as much as everything about it appeals to my personal aesthetic. So slow. But its best parts and last few episodes were better than everything after it on this list, and the performances too.)
4. Last Week Tonight (there's something about this that appeals to me in a way Colbert and Stewart do not, and it's not just the HBO cursing.)
3. The Leftovers (completely shocking that I loved this so much. When it was at its best, it was amazing.)
2. Black Mirror (I'm judging it more on the episodes not released in 2014, but I couldn't have seen it before Netflix since it's also a Brit show. Holy crap, what a super great premise.)
1. Broadchurch (which technically came out in 2013 but I couldn't possibly have seen it since it's an ITV show. Dang, what a show. Beautifully shot, the finale's editing was perfect.)

Honorable mention only because it's my favorite show but was just too uneven to place: Doctor Who
Honorable mention because I feel like I liked it but I can't remember anything: Game of Thrones
Best I haven't watched the current season yet: Justified
Show I liked after one episode and haven't returned to yet: Transparent and also Hannibal and Bob's Burgers
Show I bailed on after one episode: Brooklyn 99
Show I love the most that became horrible this year: Parks and Recreation
Show I hated that everyone loved: Silicon Valley
Worst: The After

EDIT: DANGIT I forgot about House of Cards! Who can remember what happened in February? The second season was pretty flipping great, and stuff really went quick toward the end. I don't know where to place this. Somewhere between Veep and Walking Dead probably.

twitter: @kyl33t

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Stephen Smith
Re: Top Films of the Year Lists?
on Jan 5, 2015 at 3:39:35 pm

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2. Guardians of the Galaxy
3. Edge of Tomorrow ---- Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you have to. The action is awesome and the humor in it is great. Since the story repeats itself like Ground Hogs Day I was worried it would get repetitive boring but the story tells different parts of the day so the movie moves at a fast pace. If anything, the action is worth it. What is really crazy is to see the making of.

Stephen Smith

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