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LA Film Critics Awards highlights

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Tim Wilson
LA Film Critics Awards highlights
on Jan 17, 2013 at 10:57:46 pm

One cool thing is that they name the runners-up for all the awards! Man, I'd really love to see the percentages given for the Oscar votes, wouldn't you?

Since we've mentioned Goldenberg editing two movies, I'll start by observing that he apparently kicked his own ass, winning for ZD30 (shared with Dylan Tichenor) and running up for Argo. It was the first time the LAFCA gave an award for editing.

PTA fans will be pleased to see that The Master got a lot of love, running up for Best Picture (Amour won. Really?), PTA for director (Bigelow runner up), Joaquin for actor (Denis Levant runner-up for Holy Motors...any of you know this one? Also won for best foreign language film), Amy for supporting actress (yes, for this and not the Clint one; Anne H for Batman AND Les Mis - a tie? Honest?), and Production Design (runner up, Moonrise Kingdom.)

Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress, which is really the only award I care about anymore. LOL I was a latecomer to JL fandom. My wife kept pushing me to reconsider, and I admit to being impressed by her in Hunger Games. She blew me away in SLP, though.

One of the pleasures of cheering for her is that she's genuinely nuts. There are multiple websites along the lines of Shit Jennifer Lawrence says, and they don't even have all the same things. It's impossible to track.

In Hollywood Reporter's highlights coverage, they include this amazing, heartwarming speech by Bradley Cooper as he gave her the award, and she starts coughing and said "Sorry to everyone I shook hands with 'cause I'm sick and you're all screwed."

Also kind of cool, Roger Deakins won for shooting Skyfall. He's been nominated for 9 Oscars and never won.

Anyway, I think you'll enjoy their coverage.

And for the awards nerds, THR's blog "The Race" is always a fun read. That's where I got this....

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Kylee Peña
Re: LA Film Critics Awards highlights
on Jan 18, 2013 at 4:07:32 pm

Ha, these are really cool awards and I've never paid attention to them before. Nifty format. I'd rather see these presented than watch the Golden Globes any day. Especially with the runners up.

I'm also happy to see The Master did so well. I've heard a lot of meh at this film lately and I understand it, but it blew me away. So HA! Amy Adams was terrifying and deserves many accolades.

Anne Hathaway tied herself with Les Mis and BATMAN?? What?

Also had no idea that Jen Lawrence was so crazy. That's awesome. My fandom for her has increased with that nutso acceptance speech. "I'm on sudafed." "I know I sucked at this, and I blew it big time, but I really am very grateful." LOVE. I agree with Bradley Cooper, I don't think she's real.

twitter: @kyl33t

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Scott Roberts
Re: LA Film Critics Awards highlights
on Jan 18, 2013 at 4:10:26 pm

I think Joaquin deserves the Oscar over D-Day to be 100% honest. D-Day's Lincoln was an Oscar baity yet still pretty good biopic performance. But Joaquin's Freddy was a genuinely great performance with an original character. Someone else could have done the Lincoln performance half as good as D-Day and it would have been the same movie for me (because I didn't like it even with the good performance). But take the Phoenix out of The Master, and it would be an entirely different (and worse) film.

I hope Jennifer Lawrence beats Jessica Chastain for the Oscar as well. Have you seen her SNL promo videos (she's hosting this week)? They are as cute/funny as you'd probably expect:

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